the purpose of a regular spiritual exercise

Spiritual practice brings us into alignment with our inner compass. From this alignment we gain the awareness to notice whether we are in or out of touch with our inner guide. When we are in touch with our inner guide, we tend not to be swayed by the outer forces and influences that surround us in our lives. We are able to maintain our focus on the purpose and intention we have set for our lives. Trusting the inner guidance that speaks to us every day is part of the key to enlightenment. However, this is more easily said than done. Most of us only recognize the messages of our inner guide for a few moments during a week! But with practice, over time we can cultivate that contact and encourage it to grow stronger. One of the results of a spiritual practice is to bring us into the moment, eventually developing to the point where we seem to move beyond the present into the other side where the physical realm does not interfere with our growth. Part of the reason why we are here is to experience life, whether enlightened or not is all part of our journey, which offers us the opportunity to bring these two realms together in beautiful harmony. What is your connection to the divine? What is your practice? What is your spiritual exercise? How do you surrender and let go all your worldly needs, freeing yourself from the constraints of this world, so you may witness the growth of your spirit? In surrendering these aspects of yourself, you allow your true nature to blossom and for a few brief moments in your practice, your radiant self-emerges. The more you experience your radiant self, the less you suffer. You gain more power over the course of your life and shed your dependency on the whims of the outer world and its influences. This power helps keep the contact with your inner guide no matter what comes up in your life. Opening yourself to this inner guidance is like receiving pure love. This love connects you to the one light, which comforts you, encourages you and celebrates with you. It is not of this world, so cannot be touched by this world. You will recognize this it as it grows; the more it grows, the brighter you become, and the lighter your life is. Embrace the joy of discovering your true self. Creating a spiritual practice will bring you closer to it, the self that has access to answers to your own personal questions. It will also bring you in touch with some truths that are hard to accept as you see yourself without your outer defenses. We all have the wisdom within us; by following a path that involves surrender to a higher power, we can unlock the doors that to that wisdom. So many of the answers we seek with the mind cannot be answered by the mind. It is not the purpose of the mind to answer, but rather to question. Answers that rise from within, from our inner guide, can give us immediate clarity, allowing us to move forward in our search for our true self. As we discover more of ourselves, we will feel less lost and alone and less dependent on material things to define us. By creating a spiritual practice for ourselves and exercising our spirits on a regular basis, the energy we generate will bring light to those around us, enabling them to begin their own path of discovery. The love that radiates from us has the power to continually transform us and the world around us, as long as we keep it charged. You also might benefit reading about these 4 healing and spiritual tools to boost your inner practice