psychology of winning

3 lessons on the psychology of winning

You will find people grinding away all over the world, working for long hours for minimal rewards. You will also find that some natural born winners seem to succeed quickly and effortlessly in everything they do.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept the conditions as they exist or take responsibility for changing them. – Denis Waitley

The best thing is that you can be a part of the second group too. There is a diamond within you that is waiting to shine. As a matter of fact, the traditional school system does not teach you how to polish the diamond. Your family may not have known how to do so either. The top achievers’ way is mostly usable and feasible by any person willing to learn and then take correct action. This is an appropriate and excellent way to polish the diamond inside by way of learning, growing, and taking action.

So what is it that really separates Super Performers from Everybody Else?

The thoughts they shape up behind the scenes rehearsing their very inner game that runs through weeks, months, or even years before they take their place in the very spotlight is what makes them shine to the core! Let us not fool ourselves at all to become a super performer in any field by following the regular route; you do need inventiveness, hustle, and a bit of help from the universe too.

The undeniable and indisputable truth is that every single super performer is made from the inside out. That is magnificent news for sure because it means you now have the power within you to discover the very good about you.

This brings us to the secret towards unbeatable and invincible success in any field one chooses to portray. Let us take a look at some of the scenarios that disclose the surprisingly playful way our minds can save us, even in the darkest days of our lives!

Virtually nothing on earth can stop a person with a positive attitude who has his goal clearly in sight.

So here are 3 lessons that will help you turn yourself into a winner:

Lesson 1: Winning is not an action, it is definitely a lifestyle.

First of all, let us clarify what winning really means. It is much more of a lifestyle, rather than an action! Winners do not always succeed, just like everybody else. However, their attitude and mindset still make them come out on top eventually. So being a winner is all about cultivating winning habits and a positive mindset, which helps not only you but also the people that are around you!

For example, you can easily list down a few habits you would rather associate with losers, than with winners, like beating yourself up mentally, smoking, procrastinating, being lazy and wasting your time, and always been worried about the future.

To become a winner, do go ahead and strive for the better in order to remove those decaying habits and replace them with the winning ones, like exercising regularly, managing your time well, taking up a side project, staying very positive, enjoying your leisure time to the fullest and yes, eating well. This will make your own life a whole lot better and you will inspire others to become winners as well!

Lesson 2: Losers let things happen, winners make things happen.

“I guess I will just see what happens.” How many times have you said that? Or heard a friend say the same?

This very sentence is like a signed up agreement to hand over the controls for your own life to someone else. The people who just intend to “wait and see” end up letting things go by and happen, as opposed to the winners, who make such things happen come what may. When you let other people decide what happens for you, you will end up been frustrated and bitter, because none of the things you wanted ever came true because you did not implement them and work towards them in the first place.

Winners do have this crazy and concrete belief that they are in charge of their life. Yes, of course, there is always luck involved in everything we do. So stop being a complete bystander and spectator in your own life. Take the matters of your life into your own hands and you will certainly feel a true sense of control, like that of a full-blown winner!

Lesson 3: Winners land up winning in every aspect of life.

The best part of being a winner is that you win everywhere at any cost.
Winners are complete people, meaning winning ripples through their complete life. They are not independent of the world, and because they do see the big picture, they win at home, at work, at hobbies basically wherever they do go.

A winner will always have a winning team, for example, a family who is full of winners as well. You will respect and love your family, and always look out for the people you do business with, to make sure they benefit from you by doing business with them. Winners are always fully aware of themselves and more importantly their time. They know how they tick and how fast time ticks away, so they are usually very present in the moment!

Instead of dwelling on the past mistakes, they learn from them and practically move on, so they can enjoy the happy moments in the present. They are not worried about the future or their death for that matter, because they understand life is quite short and that they still must follow their own roadmap!

Your mind is evidently your most useful tool in achieving your goals. Visualizing yourself as the person you hope to be can help you become that very person sooner and for the better.

Positivity is what sets fuel for many winners.

Winning is not just an end-goal; it is a way of life. People who win know what they want out of their life. Winners have tremendous direction in life too.

How they can positively affect the lives of others is a motivator for many winners. Winners are full of positivity. Winners hold themselves responsible for the very outcome of their life. Winners know that only they are in control of what happens to them and who they become in return!

The Psychology of Winning coherently teaches you how to program your mind for success and in turn achievement come what may.

Imagine there are five seconds left to play in a game, your team is down by one point and the ball is in your hands. Thousands of people are out there rooting and cheering for you. It is your only chance to win! It is a moment you have worked for all your entire life. Imagine that feeling! Is it too much pressure for you? Or is it massive excitement? Whether you realize it or not, you are in the game! So winning is only an attitude away. Pressure or excitement, the choice is always yours!

The moment you have been working for all your life may happen today!

The unfinished report on your desk could be the best project ever or you could inspire your customers to make unprecedented new orders or your employees could set up new performance standards under your leadership or you could have the best moment of your life with your family or friends as well. The outcome of the very game is always on your very shoulders.

I have got a winner mentality, the mentality of a champion. – Lamar Odom

Being a winner is an attitude, a way of life, and a self applied-concept! It is a heads-up, full-speed-ahead way of living and being. It is desperately wanting the ball at the peak time because you believe in yourself. It is an expectation of success that you can master.

In this tough, no-nonsense approach in the Psychology of Winning, you must learn and engage in how to:

• Making it a habit leading towards winning seen by all Olympic champions, top sales stars, and top executives by following thorough set mini-goals leading towards one major goal.
• Focusing on your dominant thoughts that are leading you inevitably to victories in all your challenges.
• Creating and envisioning a new optimistic way of life.
• Understanding and controlling the fundamental key to all human behavior.
• Boosting your core “winning average” with positive self-expectancy.
• Developing optimal and favorable self-esteem in your employees, your children, and yourself.
• Harmonizing the Zones of Growth to keep you in the winner’s circle.

In essence

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind. – William James

This is achieved, attained, and acquired primarily through positivity shown by self-awareness, self-esteem, self-control, self-motivation, self-expectancy, self-image, self-direction self-discipline, and self-projection. So do get the ball rolling in your way to become a winner!

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