9 tips to effectively prevent toxic mold in your home

black mold is bad for your health – find out how to stop it in its tracks

Are you concerned you may have toxic mold in your home? If you’re already dealing with this pesky problem, contact a mold remediation company right away to have the mold properly eliminated. Mold specialists remove all traces of mold from your home – including airborne spores – and help prevent mold from growing again. However, if you’re looking for advice on how to prevent mold from forming in the first place–without having to use any harmful chemicals–take a look at the handy tips below.

1. Minimize moisture in the bathroom with the extractor fan

Moisture creates an ideal environment for mold to form, and the bathroom tends to have the highest levels of moisture in your home. One of the easiest ways to prevent mold in the bathroom is to use a ventilation fan, also called an extractor fan, after every shower. This will suck up excess moisture. If you don’t have an extractor fan, open a window before you shower or take a bath to combat the humidity.

2. Don’t shower with the door open

It may seem like common sense to leave the bathroom door open while you shower to minimize the buildup of moisture that mold loves. However, doing this causes water vapor to spread to other rooms in your house, which can cause mold to develop in those areas.

3. Install double glazed windows in the bathroom

Single glazed windows are usually colder than double glazed, and the colder a window is, the more likely it is to attract condensation. As explained above, moisture is a breeding ground for mold. To reduce moisture in the bathroom, install double glazed windows.

For further clarification behind the science, moisture mixes with air as water vapor. Cold surfaces attract water vapor – which is why single glazed windows are less effective at preventing mold than the double glazed types.

4. Dry the wettest surfaces in the bathroom after a shower

Another step you can take to reduce the chance of mold growing in the bathroom is to wipe wet surfaces – including windows and mirrors – after a shower. Toxic mold will have a hard time developing without water vapor.

5. Don’t store damp clothes or linen in the closet

The closet is another common problem area where mold is prone to develop. Even in newly constructed homes, mold can grow in the closet as a result of moisture being released from new building materials.

The closet may seem like a dry place in comparison to the bathroom, but it can be a breeding ground for mold if you happen to store damp clothes, towels, or linen in the closet. Even seemingly harmless dampness from linen can lead to the growth of mold. Make sure to always wait for your clothes and linen to fully dry before storing them in the closet.

6. Don’t pack clothes or objects too tightly in the closet

Some people try to get the most out of their closet space by packing everything tightly. However, doing this can cause mold to grow.

Leave some space in between your clothes to allow for better air circulation – and also leave some space in between other items stored in the closet.

7. Air out closets several times each year

Every once in a while, air out your closet by removing all of your belongings and cleaning the area. Dry the closet after cleaning it to prevent mold, and then store your belongings again with sufficient space in between each item.

8. Install a louvred closet door

If you continue to have problems with fighting off mold in your closet, consider installing louvre doors. Louvred doors improve air circulation, which decreases the chance of mold developing.

9. Fix leaks immediately

Whenever you spot a leak in your house, arrange for it to be fixed as soon as possible. Leaks commonly cause mold growth because they create an ideal breeding ground for mold. Because pipes are usually hidden from view, it’s not unusual for mold to grow behind drywall.

It’s important to know how to prevent toxic mold from developing in your home because this pesky problem can occur in even the cleanest and newest of homes. Mold isn’t an issue of cleanliness; it is simply a moisture problem.

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