the poetry of the yoga sutras of patanjali 1.1

Sutra 1.1 atha yoga anushasanam ~ now let us share the teachings of yoga

This article is part of a series. With each specific Yoga Sutra of focus, I offer poetic insight into the verse. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali contain everything that we need to know. They were originally chanted and then discussed. As a devotee to the path of Yoga, the Yoga Sutras hold a sacred space for us all Yogis. May this series inspire you to sit at the table and share the journey with others.1.1 atha yoga anushasanam ~ now let us share the teachings of yoga

Poem 1.1

Are you here?

Have you arrived?

Do you know where you are right now?

Everything in your life has prepared you for his moment

You are about to embark on an amazing journey

that requires discipline and attention

Are you ready?

I will offer you the name of the journey as we begin


Now let us together step in:

One of my beloved teachers, Bhekaji, first introduced to me the power of this sutra and ever since, whenever I arrive in the moment, the sutra Atha Yoga Anushasanam echos in me. It is truly only in the Now that this moment arrives. Without it, we will linger in the memories of the past or with sleath-like focus on the future. Why not soften and arrive in the Now.

Atha is often used at the beginning of many spiritual writings. A beautiful invitation to pay attention and have reverence for what is right now.

Take a moment right now…

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