because we are water

Poetry Water Ocean Tide Because We Are Water Bryan Tracy

Out on the horizon you can see the waves.

They play with one another as brother and sister 

conceived from the same watery womb.

Once at shore they close their eyes and fall 

leaving passion and foam behind for the others –

those running in polka-dot suits 

blue shovels in hand

knees and toes in mud 

running at the waves and their rhythm

their coming and going

going and coming

at their feet       beyond their feet

then back again.


Standing knee deep in its clammy calm

with their polka dots and blue shovels 

they seem to understand the ocean’s ardent returns

for they themselves are water  

because they too feel the pull of the tides –

they too shall be forever caught 

between the seduction of the horizon

and a strange devotion to shore.

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