In a world where we are bombarded by images of violence every day, many of us experience a sense of helplessness as we long for a world of peace and freedom from conflict. We often find ourselves wondering what our individual responsibility is for finding peace in this world.

According to some, reality is created in our perception of what is. Therefore, if we embody peace, the world and our perception of it will also begin to embody peace. Creating peace in the world is a process that can be achieved one step at a time, one person at a time.  

To some degree we all carry around fear and anger, whether it is a deep-seated remnant from our past or a generalized feeling of insecurity and dissatisfaction with society. Either way, our perception of the world is often just that. We experience fear and anger in the world because as individuals we are governed to some degree by those emotions. 

Discord or lack of communication can breed conflict both inwardly and outwardly. Tensions that are part of the normal ebb and flow of healthy interactions do not create conflict. It is only when the tensions rise beyond our levels of tolerance that we erupt into a state of emotion-based reaction, blaming others for grievances instead of taking responsibility for the part we may have played in fuelling the tensions. This indulgence in conflict distracts us from the universal energy that guides us, hindering us from realizing our true selves. In that state we cannot hear the subtle calling of the universe, our inner voices, which require that we be internally attentive to the natural guidance that is constantly flowing through us.

The first step in finding peace is to take responsibility for our own part in any conflict, imbalance, tension, grievance or problem with courage, honesty and humility. There are some questions we can ask ourselves that will heighten our awareness of peace and our power to manifest it in this world.

Create some meditation time away from distraction where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and allow your breathing to take you to a calm and quiet space. Ask yourself these questions below, letting the answers be. Do not make more of them than that which you receive. There are no right or wrong answers, just your answers given to you as per your understanding at this time and your willingness to be totally honest with yourself.  Do not write your answers down, trust that you will remember all that you need to.

Peace Questions:

Note: Preface each question with “By the Grace of the Universe, at this time, …”

1. What is peace for me?

2. Am I preventing peace in me and around me? 

3. In what way am I preventing peace in and around me?

4. What is the special gift I am not yet fully using to bring peace in me and around me?

5. In what way am I preventing peace in my body?

6. What is the gift that I am not yet using to bring peace to my body?

7. In what way am I preventing peace with _____ (name of the person/s with whom I have the greatest conflict)?

8. What is the gift that I am not yet using to be at peace with _____?

Questions 5 and 6 to be repeated replacing the word ”˜body’ with other key words, such as self, family, work, nation, world.What have you learned from asking these questions?

Share your findings with a loved one or a friend and take this learning into your life. The peace that we bring to ourselves is a direct reflection of the peace that the world experiences. Finding harmony in your life will bring harmony to those around you and in turn to your community. Use your gift to bring peace to yourself and make a difference in the world.

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