the effects of parents using labels for kids

How to avoid blame and children label

Parents, teachers, caretakers, and Society are most of the time falling trap to labeling children. Not realizing the effect of labelling have on children. When we dig a little deeper as to why they use them? It reveals that this is a reason (or excuse) for their own shortcomings on an unconscious level.

How many parents or teachers realize that they use labels on children to protect their egos? That they are actually avoiding blame for their children’s behaviors.

That is to say, children are not born with behaviors they learn and develop from their environment. And inherit them from their parents’ unconscious behaviors.

Mindlessly Labelling Children

We understand that some children may be more highly sensitive and require different attention. While other children who are born with challenges require specific needs.

However, how mindful or should I say how mindless is the human race with labeling children. How aware are we, that all these labels are restricting our children’s potential greatness?

Meanwhile, we are conditioning their spirits with constant judgments and labels. Labels that have been programmed as preconceived ideals to fit into Society’s mold. Even with knowing that these very same ideals have compromised our very own authentic selves.

It is time to stop perpetuating the same beliefs and labels on the future generation.

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Our dogmatic mold

Our dogmatic and hierarchy Society has drifted way passed the essence of humanity and the need to raise a child through their authentic spirit. Which means embracing the essence of the child and nurturing them through their human experience.

We have no right to mold them through the ideals of a world that seems to be failing.

Limiting Beliefs

How do we know? Well, let’s just look at the world of well-being and how this industry has BOOMED and Why? Our consciousness is rising, and some of us are becoming aware of the limiting beliefs we inherited.

We have recognized the sufferings of our ancestors and our very own existence. We are awakening to the disillusioned third-dimensional world. While slowly beginning to acknowledge that we are multidimensional beings that have been wired incoherently.

As pawns of this Society, we are repeating history through the labels we continuously use on our children.

Dr. Shefali, a family psychologist and author for Conscious Parenting, states that “Children need 3 things; Am I Seen?, Am I worthy? and Do I Matter?” How many parents can actually raise their hands and confidently admit that they are doing just that? Is it time to ask yourself how you are showing up as a parent today?

Labels cripple children’s development.

Let’s look at the most common labels used today; He or she is lazy, creative, responsible, out of control, disrespectful, hyper, stubborn, selfish, etc.

All these are labels of judgments. Labels that maybe mark a stage of the child’s current state of being, for only a period.

With learning that we are for-ever evolving eternal beings, each child (spirit) will go through different stages of development, learnings, and experiences.

As their guardians, we need to become more conscious of these limited judgments we are condemning them with.

Labeling children only encourages a child’s behavior to become more permanent. It will start as a story that develops into a belief that will influence their behavior and ultimately create their identity.

Labels entitle children

In hindsight, we do need to become aware that these labels are entitling children. We are fermenting the behaviors, and children are playing the role.

For example, if you always tell a child that they are lazy, that child might display acts of laziness.

Parents and teachers are to become more aware. If we offer children support through developing systems that will strengthen their challenges, this will help the child develop more positive behaviors.

If you see your child is “lazy”, take your child for a bike ride or kick a ball in the garden. In doing so, you will assist them in developing a process that will support and develop more positive actions.

Labeling children only really alleviates our real parenting and teaching responsibility. How many parents are today aligned with their teachings and actions?

Parents awakening

This is where our consciousness needs to rise. Let’s awaken to the fact that we are all individuals with a spirit that has its own essence of learning and being. There is no such thing as being a good parent, let’s not fall to the trap of this conditioning.

Parenting is about evolving through the development of your child. Both parent and child will synchronize into a movement of teaching and learning and learning and teaching.

Heal through your child.

In conclusion, all parents need to understand that it is only through what they feel and believe that they will reflect on their child. Children are the reflection of what your inner world is experiencing.

Some parents don’t even realize the disillusioned fog they live and have accepted life to be what it is. They trusted and believed in Society’s functionality with no question. And that is why some of them cannot breach the gap between them and their children.

Your resistance to your child is your own suffering. The suffering that has you walking through life with labels that have stolen your greatness. Or kept you limited to the norm and therefore believing that you are not connected to the extraordinary in you!

In conclusion

The more mindful we become about not labeling children, the more we, adults, will begin to heal. To become aware of what you are feeling within, will only project without, out onto your children.

It is never the child but the parent, so let your healing begin!