a wide leg jumpsuit – the infinity yoga jumpsuit

A sexy wide leg jumpsuit for women

The loft jumpsuit that is 10-in 1

This Infinity Jumpsuit is one of those wide-leg jumpsuits for everyday life! Available in two colors (black and orange), and produced in light fabric, this unique piece is the perfect one-piece outfit which is wearable to the beach, a party, or at home for a relaxing day.

With this loft jumpsuit, you adapt to the time and activities of the day, with an infinite range of designs! With the combination of bands and buttons, the Infinity Jumpsuit can easily be converted into various cute jumpsuits and dresses. These bands become suspenders that shorten or lengthen your yoga jumpsuit or your dress.

The perfect travel piece

The Infinity Jumpsuit is for the woman on the go and the traveler who likes to keep it simple but stylish. It dries quickly and will not add much weight to your suitcase. Plus, it has two large side pockets and some hidden pockets for your passport and other valuables.

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Eco-fashion on the go!

The Infinity Jumpsuit is using a specific material called TENCEL®️- a fabric made from the pulp of the eucalyptus plant, which provided excellent sweat absorption. The motto of MUJO brand is the Japanese Zen idea, which focuses on lightness and ephemerality. It is the beauty of living simply, carefree, healthy, and peacefully. The Mujo brand relies on consistency and authenticity to make our lives simpler.

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Mujo, an ethical brand

MUJO brand offers quality, slow-mode, and slow-inspired living.  Every piece of clothing is crafted to be lightweight, fashionable, minimal, functional, durable, and ideal for all body types. It is therefore appropriate for all kinds of bodies, offering a versatile Infinity jumpsuit. Its natural material is a low environmental impact and is certified environmentally friendly.

The company only manufactures the pieces they sell on-demand to prevent overproduction and waste. Each item is produced in an ethical environment for the staff at a small family workshop in Bali. Purchasing MUJO means prioritizing quality over quantity, long-lasting over a short life, without neglecting design.

In short

The Infinity Wide Leg Jumpsuit is designed for everyday life and traveling the world. It’s the one piece you will wear from morning to evening, from the countryside to the city, from one country to the other, and that is how we like to simplify our lives!

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