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By: Diane Booth Gilliam
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October 26 New Moon Asana | Astrology Yoga New Moon October 26 26


The New Moon of October 26th coincides with Diwali, the “festival of lights.” This traditional festival is celebrated in India and beyond, and it signifies “the power of light to illumine darkness and uplight our hearts.”

This is a great time for practices that en-lighten the heart. Also decorate your home and yoga studio in the traditional way: add abundant candlelight. Celebrate the light.


As we celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali, the Moon is at its darkest phase (known as New Moon). Not only that, this New Moon of October 26th is at 3° Scorpio, the sign ruled by mighty Pluto.

Pluto is known as the “Lord of the Underworld.” The symbol for Pluto is the phoenix, a mythological bird. The phoenix inspires us to:


  1. – acknowledge the depths of darkness and destruction

  1. – emerge from darkness; leave behind those ashes of destruction

  1. – embrace enlightenment; be reborn; take flight


The Scorpio New Moon (known as the “Raging Moon”) evokes that eternal interplay between destruction and creation: 

 – Destruction – Plutoʼs destructive side is not as bad as it sounds. Actually, Pluto is   helping us let go of whatever keeps us disempowered. Plutoʼs destructiveness is               liberating. 
 – Creation – It also helps to remember that there can be no darkness without the           existence of light. And we carry that light within us. Your creative power                         illuminates the darkness.

Starting to feel more empowered? You ought to feel powerful, because you are.


What do you think, when you imagine the most creative area in your entire body (apart from the immense creativity of the mind, that is.)

If you answered “the pelvis” (womb, etc.), you are aligned with the power of this New Moon in Scorpio. Traditional zodiac-body correlation for Scorpio = pelvis. Let’s explore enlivening the pelvic region in asana practice.

Cobbler Pose 

Sit on the floor (and lean back against a wall for support: in Vedic astrology, the October 26 New Moon is in Libra = lower back, so support your lower back now.) 

Now press the soles of your feet together in cobbler pose. Drop knees out to the sides. Optional: slide bolsters in place, one bolster beneath each knee. 

Gently place your palms on your lower abdomen. Breathe in. Fill the pelvic bowl with breath. Breathe out, soften, and “empty” the bowl.

Again, breathe in. Circulate breath throughout the pelvis, and include breathing throughout the pelvic floor. Close your eyes, exhale, and breathe easily. 

When youʼre ready, open your eyes and watch this brief (but totally amazing) revelation about coming to life in cobbler pose


Yoga is coming to life. Again and again, come to life. Celebrate Diwali and the October 26th New Moon by inviting Pluto, Lord of the Underworld””along with your extraordinary creativity too (yes, you!)””to come to life, to dance, to play! 



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