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obesity costs

obesity costs

by Lilly Sheperd lilly sheperd
Nutrition | Weight Loss

You are probably aware of the fact that obesity can take a toll on your life. You may already know that you have to pay a high price emotionally when you realize that you cannot fit into the booth at a restaurant or cannot get in the backseat of your friend’s sports car. If you are looking for reasons to get in better shape and you just can’t get motivated, perhaps you should look no further than your wallet. Being obese can add up many costs, and some of them can be quite unexpected. People who are overweight spend thousands of dollars each year because of their weight, and fees associated with obesity cost tax payers and employers billions of dollars annually. We examine some of the ways that unnecessary pounds take a financial toll.


As you might expect, being overweight affects your grocery budget. Eating more means that more items go into your cart. Obese people eat far more calories each day that they should, meaning that they are spending over and above the amount on food that they might otherwise have to. If you find yourself going to large, wholesale food marts to buy oversized portions of food, perhaps you should think again. Purchasing smaller amounts of food and eating within the suggested daily calorie parameters could save some dollars.

Restaurants are another place that food makes a huge impact on the finances of overweight individuals. The large portions served at many restaurants, from fast food locations to steakhouses, have had a great impact on the growing percentage of obese people. Those large portions may be costing you more money and making you overweight.


The average obese person spends thousands of more dollars each year on medical expenses when compared to fit individuals. This problem extends far beyond the bank accounts of overweight people alone. Because the government and employers ending up footing part of the bill for medical expenses, these costs impact all citizens and employees regardless of their weight. If you find it hard to believe that costs can add up that much, think of all of the diseases that can be caused or made worse by obesity, like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer. Think of the price of joint replacement surgery, heart surgery, or year-round care for blood sugar disorders. Imagine the price of over-the-counter meds, such as anti-inflammatory drugs for aching joints, heartburn medications, etc.


Being obese can also impact your checking account in some ways that you might not anticipate. Studies have found that obese women, however unfairly, are often overlooked for pay raises, which significantly affects their income. Overweight people also pay more for gas, since their vehicles have to carry a heavier load. Being obese can also cost you more at the airport, since overweight customers are sometimes required to purchase two seats, instead of one. Since plus sized clothing costs more than average size, purchasing new clothing can also add up. And, because they take more sick days than other employees, obese people use far more of their sick leave each year.

With the growing cost of healthcare and the instability of the current economy, saving some money is one of the many reasons that you can get inspired to drop some pounds and achieve a healthy weight.

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