november 24 new moon asana

November 24 New Moon Astrology | November 24th Full Moon

New Moon + Solar Eclipse + Mercury Retrograde, all happening at once ”” on Thanksgiving Day! Hold onto your hats! Or your hips”¦

Personally, I’m jazzed about this New Moon. Known as the Gypsy Moon (as in gypsy archetype, not ethnicity), the Sagittarius New Moon is truly expansive. Here’s why:


The New Moon in Sagittarius supports us to extend in totally new directions. Sagittarius’s traditional body-zodiac correlation = hips. 

Walk! Move! Stretch! Do more yoga!  Hip-opener poses are super powerful now:

  1. Anjaneyasana, Lunge Pose*

2. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, Pigeon Pose*

*(See these poses, with variations, here)

Do all kinds of hip openers, every one you can think of ”” they all work wonders now. Of course it’s true; every monthly New Moon invites us to extend toward a new beginning. So why do I think this particular New Moon is more super-charged than the rest? Because it coincides with a Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde, that’s why. 


The New Moon on November 24th coincides with a Solar Eclipse at 3° Sagittarius. Something old and outdated, like an old pair of worn-out shoes, may be “eclipsed” out of your life now (or soon, in the next few months).

Solar Eclipses usually mean male-oriented, masculine energy is involved (solar = male). It gets eclipsed or released because it no longer serves your life’s highest purpose. Fini. Kaput. The End. Space get cleared, and something new comes in. But first, moving beyond our current situation requires the willingness to let go.

Letting go isn’t easy; believe me, I know. I’ve let go of plenty. In fact, I may be the Queen of Letting Go. But the more I surrender, the more I let go, the more I receive what the universe has in store for me. Every new beginning is like a breath of fresh air. Truly, I feel enlivened.

The effect of a Solar Eclipse may last months, even years, depending on how it impacts your chart. And think back to June, 2002. Those themes may be revisited now.


Jupiter rules! Known as the “Guru planet,” the planetary ruler of Sagittarius urges us to live well. Can’t beat it for celestial support.

Sagittarius’s zodiac symbol is the archer. Its message is to aim true. Shoot for the Moon. Expand, embrace ”” peoples, cultures, philosophies ”” in short, grow!


On November 24th, Mercury turns retrograde; it all happens in Sagittarius. Mercury retrograde lasts through December 13th. 

The standard Mercury Retrograde suggestions apply here. Pause, if possible, before signing new contracts. Try to hold off buying electronics. But remember: due to the New Moon Solar Eclipse, you must remain open to stellar new beginnings now too.

Because this retrograde cycle coincides with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, I feel it may be one of our most lighthearted lucky retrogrades ever. Let’s hope so!


The time to set sail on your new beginnings is after December 10th. A stunning Full Moon in Gemini coincides with a total Lunar Eclipse on December 10th. And the green light continues ”” Mercury goes direct (meaning, out of retrograde) a few days later, on December 13th. 

If possible, wait until after these dates to put your “new beginning” plans in motion. I’ll be posting more on those celestial events soon. For now, carpe diem– do hip-opener poses! That way, you’ll be ready.


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