november 10 full moon asana

November 10 Full Moon Astrology | 11-10-2011 Astrology


This Full Moon holds a very special, sacred distinction. Known as the Earth Mother’s Moon, the Full Moon in Taurus offers nurturing energy. But can this Moon massage tenderness and inspiration into a weary heart?


Claimed to be one of the “steadiest” Moons of all, the November 10th Full Moon in Taurus couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been feeling fairly frazzled these days””how about you?
Let’s turn our gaze upward, and look to la luna in the sky. Invite the beauty and steadiness of the Moon to penetrate body, mind and soul. The Full Moon in Taurus could create a very lovely evening on November 10th, and the days and nights surrounding that date. Get ready for steadiness and serenity. Here’s how:


Traditional zodiac-body correlation for Taurus = throat and neck. I love neck stretches””my yoga students do too. A layer of calm descends as we gently bend our necks this way and that. Eyes close. Faces soften. Peace fills the air.

Try this simple neck stretch: let’s do it now. Fifteen seconds””that’s all it takes to achieve a touch of bliss, guaranteed.

  • Drop right ear toward right shoulder
  • Relax left shoulder
  • Guide breath along the left side of the neck
  • Soften tongue and jaw
  • Pause, breathe, relax
  • Inhale and raise head to center
  • Breathe, eyes closed
  • Repeat, other side (left ear toward left shoulder) and breathe into the right side of the neck (watch neck stretches here)

In Vedic astrology, the November 10th Full Moon falls in Aries = head. Neck stretches and chanting OM””both are beneficial for a busy head space.


Residing inside the throat is the sublime Fifth Chakra, VishuddhaChanting purifies and glorifies this Chakra and much more.
Let’s chant OM””feel it resonate throughout the throat and neck. The vibration permeates body and mind. Actually, OM permeates the world. Chant the primordial sound of OM; it calms the mind, soothes the body, and uplifts the heart.


Fast on the heels of the luminous Full Moon on November 10th: one more highly auspicious date. November 11, 2011 ”” 11-11-11 ”” Eleven is a symbol for sensitivity, balance and wholeness. Eleven is a totem for honesty and inspiration as well. The date 11-11-11 is an open window, a place into which intuitive “knowing” pours from the sacred space we call Grace. Chant OM, then sit quietly and listen. What do you hear?

Namasté and Love


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