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yogic wisdom: 6 natural practices to heal infections
Photography by ornella binni

yogic wisdom: 6 natural practices to heal infections

by Vera Kaur vera kaur
Live Healthy | Alternative Medicine | | Tips

learn how to activate self-healing for optimum well-being

The subtle energies of the human body resonate with the energy systems of the universe and our body has been perfectly created to function optimally, providing we live in harmony with nature.

Breathing polluted air, eating unnatural food, drinking chemical-laden water, ingesting toxic medication, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, absorbing electro-magnetic pollution, experiencing continuous stress and using inorganic body and household products disrupts our body's energies which affects its innate self-healing capacity.

Traditional Indian energy healers were abundantly enlightened with Mother Nature's healing practices to treat the underlying cause of dis-ease by detoxifying, strengthening and aligning the body's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

To heal and prevent infections, practice the following:

Juice Fasting

Traditionally, fasting was recommended during illness to detoxify the body and allow energy reserves to be directed towards self-healing. A juice fast is a liquid diet consisting of unlimited amounts of raw cold-pressed fruit, vegetable and herb juice, consumed for 3-5 days.

Include the following juices to heal common infections:

Skin infections - guava, papaya flesh and seeds, wheat and barley grass.

Eye infections - watermelon, kiwi, carrot, lemon, spinach and coriander.

• Ear infections - black cherry, pineapple, cabbage, turnip, basil and red chili.

Lung infections - apple, blueberry, radish, fenugreek, ginger and garlic.

Kidney infections - pear, cranberry, beetroot, celery, lime and turmeric.

Bladder infections - pomegranate, grapefruit, pumpkin and gooseberry.


Apply the following acupressure treatments on an empty stomach to heal and prevent infections:

• To stimulate detoxification, massage the back, applying small circular motions for five minutes, two times a day. Start at the crown of the head, continue down the sides of the neck, down each side of the spine and end at the lower back. Diluted neem essential oil can be used, which is a potent anti-infective.

• To activate self-healing, firmly massage all of your fingers and toes for ten minutes in total, two times a day. The energy flow of each bodily system begins and ends within the fingers and toes.

• To improve circulation, brush the soles of your feet for a few minutes, two times a day using a hard bristled brush.



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