minimize the risk of cancer with yoga

benefits of yoga – best way to reduce the risk of cancer

Yoga is one of the most beneficial types of physical activity you can do to look and feel better. When going from one pose to another, you can almost feel the calmness and tranquility surround you. Stress, problems, even aches and pains simply go away. It’s no surprise that multiple studies confirmed the amazing health benefits of asanas. While some of these benefits are more well-known, others aren’t so familiar. For instance, did you know that yoga helps prevent or manage cancer in more ways than one? Yes, it’s true! Let’s see how!

Yoga strengthens immune system

Strong immunity isn’t just important for fending off viruses like the flu during the winter. If you want to be healthy (and happy) then strengthening the immune system is a must. Why? Because its primary goal is to make sure that all systems in your body work properly. It takes a village; failure of one system also affects the functionality of another. That’s why we get sick and even develop severe diseases such as cancer.

You’re probably wondering how does yoga strengthen the human system and prevent cancer? It’s simple; practicing different asanas lowers your stress hormones that affect the immunity. Also, yoga has favorable effects on your lungs and respiratory tract. Plus, this ancient practice is, as you many of you know, perfect for detox. Eliminating toxins from your body prevents them from building up and causing significant health issues.

Besides cancer prevention, yoga is helpful for those who’re battling this severe disease. Of course, it takes more than switching from one posture to another to beat cancer, but this low-impact physical activity provides purification, endurance, relaxation; all of which are necessary for recovery. Plus, it helps you be more positive, and mindset has major influences in cancer recovery and treatment.

Yoga regulates blood pressure

Millions of people in the United States and other parts of the world have highblood pressure or hypertension. Although many know that higher blood pressure increases risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke, most don’t know that it also elevates the odds of developing cancer. Yoga is a great way to mitigate these unfortunate scenarios. Performing different poses regulates blood pressure by stimulating deep relaxation in your body. With relaxation comes reduced nervous activity as well as a pronounced sense of well-being and stress reduction. Also, yoga keeps arteries in your body pliable to promote healthy blood flow.

Weight management

Excess weight is harmful to your health and increases the chances of developing severe diseases including cancer. For example, people who are overweight/obese are more likely to get breast cancer, colon and rectum cancers, pancreas, endometrium (lining of the uterus), esophagus and kidney cancer compared to those with a healthy weight.

It’s safe to say yoga is quite underrated in this aspect. When looking for different tips and tricks to lose a few pounds, you won’t see “practice yoga regularly” on most of those lists. Yoga, however, is a very effective weight loss solution. Now you’re probably asking yourself how that is possible since you don’t even break a sweat properly…. Well, losing weight through yoga isn’t about burning more calories than you consume through food! It works in different ways such as improving digestion, which is necessary for weight loss, flushing out toxins, and changing your mindset to make healthier nutrition choices. Let’s not forget that yoga improves your flexibility and endurance, allowing you to perform other activities without getting tired too soon. Moreover, stress reduction through yoga helps you avoid comfort eating, which is particularly important for those who tend to overeat to cope with stress.

Yoga lowers inflammation

Inflammation in your body is the underlying cause of many diseases, including cancer. Colon carcinoma, liver cancer, prostate cancer, skin melanoma etc. are all associated with inflammation which is your body’s response to injury, stress, infections, hormonal imbalance, and so on.

Yoga has a tremendous ability to help prevent these diseases through reduction of stress levels which promote inflammation, inhibiting inflammation, and decreasing the amount of pro-inflammatory cells in your body.


With a wide array of health benefits, it comes as no wonder why yoga is equally (if not more) popular today as it was centuries ago. Experienced yogis will, gladly, admit they look and feel better thanks to asanas they do regularly. If you’re not practicing yoga just yet, it’s about time you start. It will fend off numerous diseases, prevent cancer or help you manage it, and improve overall health and wellbeing. Plus, you’ll feel happier and more confident.

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