lacking in abundance


just imagine

Lately I have been trying to frame my life with a slant towards abundance. Abundance of time, money, great food and company, laughter, opportunities, precious moments, and nature. I was driving on the freeway in Los Angeles and for the past few weeks the lightboards have said…Please Save Water, Serious Drought. I was in my abundant frame of mind at the time and wondered, what if the lightboard instead stated…Mother Nature is abundant and always provides.

My daughter and I were planted on the 405 freeway in our car one afternoon in traffic. After she started becoming agitated over the traffic, I decided to switch to my abundant mind. I asked her to close her eyes and imagine the cars starting to move and eventually the traffic dissipating. After she did that I asked her to imagine us moving and feeling happy to be closer to our destination. Then, what I find to be the most challenging part, I asked her to let it go and have faith. Sure enough the traffic started to move and we were on our way. What a gift to see this happen outside of myself. All the while my daughter was beaming with pride, accomplishment, and the spirit of manifestation pulsing through her.

You can try the exercise of car spotting. For example, if I start to picture black a black Audi sedan in my mind, pretty soon I see black Audi sedans everywhere I go. I decided to try a slightly more farfetched thought. I wanted to see butterflies in January, which is quite uncommon. I began to think about them. Because deep down I thought it was a bit unlikely, I did not see them immediately. But later that day, a small troop of bright butterflies zipped past me as I was walking in Santa Monica.

My friend didn’t want to join me for a yoga class last week because she said the studio’s parking lot always looked like a nightmare. I told her that every time I went to practice there I had always found a parking space without having to circle the lot. Then I realized that I consciously thought about a spot becoming available as I was turning into the lot each time.

Like my yoga practice, I wish to embody expansive qualities in all areas of my life. Lack, fear, worry, and doubt all create contraction and narrowing of the body and mind. I see that as my teacher gently opens my shoulders and heart in cobra. I have a desire daily to remain as open as I can be and trust that vulnerability is the real strength.  I wish to focus on the wisdom and strength of mother nature and trust in her. When I see that sign again on the freeway, I will remember to check in with my mind and turn my dial to abundance.

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