all about mandarin oil

The oil is taken from the peel of the fruit.


Mandarin is a member of the orange family, smelling like tangerines. Native to China, precious, sunny mandarin fruits were feted for generations as a traditional gift to the ruling class Mandarins of China.


• Breathe happiness. Helps us get in touch with our inner child.

• Antiseptic, antispasmodic, cytophylactic, depurative, sedative, stomachic and tonic.

• Long believed to be calming, soothing and gentle enough for children and the elderly, mandarin is a good-hearted oil that people swear will comfort, refresh and uplift then – body, mind and spirit.

• This oil is gentle and mild, making it very useful for children and the elderly. It is soothing, calming, refreshing and uplifting.


With its safe, sedative effect, this is a lovely massage oil for pregnancy and developing girls. It may also bring many benefits to people who suffer digestive problems, depression and lack of energy and is also good for colic, gas, indigestion, and hiccups.

It is also useful for the skin and is used to help with stretch marks, increasing circulation and reducing fluid retention.

As a blended massage oil or diluted in the bath, mandarin oil can assist the nervous system, reduce flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive complaints, but also increase circulation to the skin, reduce fluid retention and help prevent stretch marks.

Home use

Vaporise to create a happy atmosphere in the home or classroom. Use in the car to relieve travel fatigue and calm down restless children.

Safety precautions

Photosensitising – do not apply on the skin before going out in the sun.

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