magical mystery mat


a poem by ava bird

magical mystery mat

here i sit


on a mat



on this thin mat (& a bag)

delivering me into great joy

in bliss

i sit and lay and sweat and cry

i stand i slide

trip and fall.

i sing and chant and sit in sweet golden silence,

i sit in awe of this practice.  

its magic, 

within me, beyond me   

i sit on this magical mystery mat

a cosmic girl

seeing dancing energies of this vibrational universe.  

i converse with myself

and others

on this mat


we are one, we are many, we are way beyond just us. 

3-D reality duality:

hot/cold, good/bad, female/male

the magical mystery mat

anchoring a new reality

transcending into 9-D and beyond:

unity, wholeness cooperation, prosperity, unconditional love


this third eye

activating grids of light

a radical rhythm

out and down the chakras

flowering up of the lotus

electromagnetic heart energies

(heart has 60x more than the brain)

still singing

out of chakra five

mantric hymns,

grasping essence of everything

sacred sites ahead

stop to eat the light

light up the good times

higher deeper higher

vibrating nature radiance fields

flowers for our journeys

cellular peace deep

rhythmical radical cosmical magical mystery tour here

so om

and namaste

to the inner light

sharing rays

for luminous journeys ahead

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