lost your mojo? 7 ways to feel better

You need a little self pep talk or just a few ways to get your mojo back? Here are seven simple tips to use to improve your mood and feel reinvigorated. Try it; maybe it will work for you!

1. “It’s all good.”

Repeat these words to yourself. You feel crummy because you’re not your usual self. Accept it: you are a person who feels emotions. Don’t judge yourself, but embrace this time and know that this too shall pass.

2. Play hooky.

Do it, I dare you. Take a day off and do something for you. Or in some cases, just don’t do anything. Lounge around, read a book or plan a day of adventure, just remember to have fun in the process. I promise when you return to work the next day, you’ll feel fresher and ready to get back at it. Sometimes when your funk lasts longer than usual, doing something out of the ordinary can help you feel alive again.

3. Log off the brain.

Take time to focus on the direct link to life, your breath. In a quiet, comfortable space, take at least five minutes to yourself. In a seated position, focus solely on your breath. Inhale as if it were your first breath of life and exhale as if it were your last. This may sound intense, but it might be what you need to clear any blockages. Take note on how deep or shallow you breath is. Once your focused, try extending your inhalation and exhalation with long, controlled breaths through the nose. And ahhh….melt into your inner divinity.

4. Be silly.

Exchange funny selfies with your bestie. I send distorted faces to my friends – most of the time they send me one right back. It’s an awesome way to remember not to take yourself too seriously, and that your true friends and family love you no matter what.

5. Disconnect.

Don’t check your phone or answer emails. Turn off your TV and computer. Just be in the moment. Try it for at least two or three hours. Maybe even an entire day if you are feeling bold.

6. Laugh.

Try laughing for at least three minutes straight. This is done best with a partner or a group of friends but if you’re solo, no problem. You might feel crazy but that’s what makes it hilarious. Studies have shown laughter lowers stress hormones and it’s an emotion that can carry you throughout your day. We use laughter in many of my meditation classes, and it’s an effective way to shift your energy level upward.

7. Practice yoga.

Yoga, of course! In times of stress, we either pull away from our practice or push ourselves too hard. Be gentle with yourself. Try a restorative approach. Hip openers like pigeon pose and happy baby will help expedite any emotions that may need to come up. Using bolsters and blankets to support your asanas is a beautiful way to nurture yourself.

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