true abundance

a journey of passion and purpose

At the heart of living a meaningful life of prosperity is actually learning how to live in a state of true abundance. Sadly, many people consider the single act of amassing money to be the sole ingredient in prosperity.

Or, on the flip side, there are many people who mistake money as the root of all evil and spend a great deal of energy rejecting any opportunity to invite abundance, monetary or otherwise, into their lives.

True abundance is about much more than the number of zeros in your bank account. The path to understanding what it means to live in true abundance begins with making choices in your life that are inspired by a sincere desire to live consciously, responsibly and mindfully and create fulfillment while making a positive difference in the world.

The difference between living in wealth and living in true abundance is the difference between just making money and making money while making a difference. If you want to learn how to tap into and use your inherent personal power to manifest and create abundance then start by considering what it means for you to have total abundance in every area of your life.

The best way to get somewhere is to know where you are going. So, ask yourself, “What matters most to me?” Once you know the answer, imagine your ideal manifestation of that aspect of your life. Do this for every important area of your life, including your family, friends, career, home, health, lifestyle and anything else that is a priority for you.

Then, ask yourself that question again but this time, ask yourself what matters to you most on a global level.

Is it concern for the environment?





Yoga? The possibilities are endless.

Now visualize that global concern in its most ideal manifestation. Finally, begin to consider how you can shift your priorities, focus your choices and live your life in order to bring your ideal visions into being. If you’re honest with yourself, as you search deeper and you will begin to glimpse the person you can be and the life you can live if you make the choice to live up to your full potential.

Total abundance begins with having a life of meaning, it’s being passionate about what you are doing, it’s feeling a sense of purpose, it’s creating your wealth, abundantly, by making a difference in the world.

Taking action is one of the quickest ways to step out of being challenged in the area of abundance. Start actively clarifying what you want financially and in every other areas of your life for your short-term future (three years) and your long-term future (ten years).

As I’ve said before, the universe is constantly conspiring to give you your heart’s desire but you first need to clarify for yourself what that is. Then, you must determine what action steps you will take to prepare yourself to receive it.

When you invest your time into visualizing your ideal future, both personally and globally, and then determining the action steps you need to take to achieve it, you are affirming your belief in your own deservedness of true abundance.

You automatically upgrade your self-worth, your self-esteem and your willingness to accept what the universe is offering you. You are telling the universe that you are prepared to accept the abundance that is available to you. And this isn’t something that you have to do alone.

Most people who have achieved true abundance in their lives have allocated time, energy, and money to working with financial experts, life coaches and groups that are geared toward providing support, tools, knowledge, and skill to achieving their desired financial and life results.

The majority of people who understand and live in true abundance will tell you that you do not simply arrive one day in a state of consciousness of true abundance. It is a constant personal journey toward creating true abundance, going after your dreams, responding to challenges and undergoing great personal transformation.

It is a constant journey of expansion, making yourself able to accept more and more so that you have more and more to give. It is this process that is the greatest gift of all. We all have the power within us to make this journey.

What is your ideal vision for the future and what are you going to do today to make it real?

Vanessa Summers teaches a holistic approach to money in her Wealth & Success Workshop Intensives. She is a Registered Investment Advisor, and author of “Get in the Game – The Girl’s Guide to Money” and “Investing, Buying Solo – The Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a Home.”