listen to your heart

Listen to your heart Practice Yoga Tips

Everyday we come to one or more crossroads-some are easy and some more difficult. But still-we have to make a decision. A decision that influences upon us even when we don’t realize it. When we’re dealing with difficult situations in our lives, we tend to avoid making any choices and decisions, hoping everything will sort itself out. That’s not how it works. Being able to make a powerful decision which we will not regret is the definition of the word “Strong”.

One way to do it is to listen to our heart by opening it. Yoga shows us the way to deal with our problems, gives us the answer. By practicing yoga, you open up your body, heart and soul completely, making them clean and free for the new energy to come rushing in and giving you strength and courage. You will still have doubts sometimes whether to do something or not, but it’s normal to feel that way. Not everything depends upon your actions and feelings-sometimes other souls are involved. Stay true to yourself, know that everything happens for a reason and that you will find out what that reason is-just maybe not right away. Sometimes it takes time. Be patient.

Don’t rush into something if you’re uncertain, don’t do what others tell you to if you feel it’s wrong, you inner voice is there to help you and the more you embrace your intuition and dreams, the more you will hear it-your heart and soul telling you what is best for you. Open up to possibilities, take a risk if you feel it in your soul, believe in yourself, and most importantly-LISTEN to your heart.

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