live your full potential with chiropractic care

reconnect the brain to your body

“When your mind is doing one thing and your body is doing something else, you are disconnected. Only when they do one thing together can they reconnect” 

As a chiropractor, I have learned that we assist in unleashing your greatest potential and I am deeply grateful to be part of this humbling process. We do this by re-connecting the brain to the body and this allows for a greater expression of your potential. For you to function at your highest level, whether it be in your workplace, raising your children or be that great and supportive life partner, you need to function at 100%. And to function at this level you need an uninterrupted nervous system flow between your brain and your body, so they can communicate effectively and efficiently. 

Chiropractic saved my life. Not that I knew, at the time, that my life was in danger: I had a good functioning body, I was happy in my relationship (I thought), I was young and full of dreams and ideas and I was part of a comfortable social circle. At this stage, I started to receive frequent chiropractic care. Not for my back pain because I didn’t have back pain and not because my body was in pain but only because my boyfriend was a chiropractor!

Chiropractic is an art, science and philosophy based on the principle that the same intelligence that created you then, is the same intelligence that runs your body now. This In8 (innate) intelligence is designed to self-heal and self-regulate. The nervous system was created to control your body’s ability to self-heal and regulate. As a result you live your life through your nervous system. Therefore interference to nerve system function, will interfere with your ability to adapt and respond to your environment effectively and efficiently, ie. self-heal and self-regulate. This interference is known as subluxation. Chiropractic seeks to clear the subluxation with so that you can express that intelligence through your body a full 100%. This is manifested as optimal health and life potential from birth till death.


I have read a few interesting articles written by scientist and chiropractor,  Dr Heidi Haavik, that support my beliefs and experience in the power of the adjustment, with solid scientific research. Dr Heidi is a chiropractor and a neurophysiologist who has worked in the area of human neurophysiology for over 15 years.

Her work has been instrumental in building the base of scientific evidence demonstrating the efficacy of chiropractic care in improving people’s health and wellbeing. In this specific article she shows that if we remove subluxations from the body we improve strength, prevent fatigue and change the way or brain drives our muscles. That is “pretty cool” if you ask me! Simply said if we adjust our nervous system and remove interference, we change the way our brains proces what is going on in the body. With other words we re-connect the brain to body body again so they can start “talking” again. From this platform, the body can start doing what it does best: self-healing and self-regulating. This, in turn, increases your human functioning and human potential. We are then able to better process all that sensory information from through-out the body (what you feel, how you control your body positioning) and control the body in a better way,” says Haavik.

The big shift

After being adjusted, attuned and aligned for more than one year it finally hit me! I felt more connected to my body, i felt more connected to the world around me, I was more capable to look people in the eyes and connect on a deeper level with my loved ones, I also felt more authentic and not so swept away with other people’s emotions. And as a very welcome “side effect” my self love increased dramatically. I started to “come home”.

Could all this goodness be, because of the chiropractic care that I have been receiving for over a year? Yes! yes! yes!. I know this for sure because I did not change any other variable in my life. I know this for sure because I started to observe what my body craves and does if I am not connected. Believe me I still move in and out of being “connected” all the time. In a state of disconnection my body loves sugar, a good glass of red wine and I move less. 

Living from the inside out

When most people think about “healing”, they think about people suffering from an ailment or injury who “gets better.” But what does that mean “to get better”? I believe “getting better” is a limiting definition of healing. Alleviating symptoms and diseases naturally (without the use of painkillers) is also about the restoration of the connection to “universal intelligence”, “god”, “existence” or “spirit” or what ever word resonates with you. In essence, healing is this: the release or removal of a block or interference that keeps you in the illusion of being separate from the universe. From this renewed space of connectedness it is easier to heal because this is what your body is naturally designed to do. From this platform you naturally make the right choices that support your life from the “inside out”.

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