letting go

reliving the origin of our emotional difficulties to let them go

Letting go is an art form and it is a focal point within the practice of yoga and life. How is it that we can let go with compassion and not contempt? How can we maintain a level of attachment yet still remain detached? We must begin to work with the power of opposition in order to cultivate a level of strength in order to keep a balance within. 

We encounter beings in this life who we can connect with instantaneously and there are others whom we simply can’t see eye to eye. These first impressions whether they last a moment or years can sit at the surface or resonate a bit more deep. Is it possible for us to surrender ourselves to being open and honest with another while keeping our shield by our side ? The heart is our source of compassion and when it is wounded by false intentions we are quick to put a guard up. With much self-observation, I personally, have begun to notice trends in my life with people who came into my life as a strong presence yet faded away quickly. What happened, what did I do wrong? Neither of us did anything out of sorts other then what’s best for myself and what is best for them does align properly. 

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With this idea of alignment; when it is not unfolding with ease and a little bit of effort then it is time to assess. Is bone hitting bone? Is our body simply not made to move into this postion? If so, we must acknowledge this fact and then move on, letting go of any judgement we may hold to ourselves. On the other hand, is this just a sore area? Does it make us uncomfortable when we feel this pain within us? When it is a matter that sits deep within we must ground down into ourselves and send our vital life force, our prana, our breathe to the area as a reminder that we are not alone, we truly are provided for. If we ignore the pain, it will only get worse. 

Our relationships are an act of compassion. If they are bone on bone, we move forward without anger or spite. If they are sore, we send our energy out into them and if they are well lubricated, strong and moving effortlessly, we must give thanks and appreciation for the symbiosis. It’s the ebb and flow of us as beings in this sea of life that truly is the meaning of it all. We are students of life and this life is of a symbiotic nature with all beings near and far. 

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