the flow of letting go

letting go of what no longer serves us

Yoga allows for us to grow in our practice and teaches us to let go of the things that no longer serve us. They sometimes fall away with ease as we attempt to move forward in our lives by silencing the noise that surrounds us. It is through the flow of the breath we begin to let go of the words that bring us down and the fear of hiding our true self.

It is when begin to assess our lives we sometimes begin to realize that some friendships have out worn their stay just like a beautiful farmer’s field that has overgrown with thistles. Some point along the way the friendship moved from the ease of tall grass blowing in the wind to a path of thorns that gnarl and tear at us. Yoga provides us with the silence to tune into the frequency and recognize when we are wandering into that field of thistles.

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In life, nothing is ever perfect. It is an ebb and flow of movements. How we deal with them and the coming tide is up to us and who we turn to when they hit us hard is also up to us.

We can use the Dalai Lama’s wise words to act from a place of honesty and consciousness, “To be aware of a single shortcoming within oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in somebody else. Rather than speaking badly about people and in ways that produce friction and unrest in their lives, we should practice a purer perception of them, and when we speak of others, speak of their good qualities.”

The outcome of sharing the truth of who we are with our friends is what creates and lifts our vibrational frequency in this world. It enables us to move forward through uplifting. Real friendships harness the power to help you find your voice and share your passions which leads us to create a more fulfilling space in our own world.

It is never easy to ignore the opinions of others especially when we are seeking to change our path, ways of thoughts, and find our own clarity in life. In creating and developing that space, it is important to build on the friendships that leave us energized and inspired. An easy way to determine which friendships to keep is to take note of how you feel after spending time with someone. Do you feel restored or are you drained of your energy? Sometimes we have to switch off the sound of the chatter and opinions around us in order to move forward in our lives – that means letting go of friendships that no longer serve us.

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