learning from what has been and creating anew


finding our center

As I reflect back on the past year and look ahead to the infinite possibilities that await us in the year to come, it feels appropriate to collect some of the wisdom from this year’s collection of Finding Your Center articles as a way of focusing our intention to grow and prosper in the New Year.

Here’s some of that wisdom…

Forgiveness is not something to work through or unearth it is simply a decision that you can make. Forgiveness actually strengthens you. Not only in what it takes to accomplish forgiving someone or yourself but that it opens and frees you up to love, which is a constant source of energy and vitality.

Being aware in the midst of our daily activities allows us to savor every moment of our existence – good or bad, void of judgment, creating within us a continual point of access to our inner light and a platform for deeper self-exploration.

Being able to face all aspects of ourselves with awareness and compassion is a vital step on the path toward a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Uncover what is beneath. What we believe we should be doing, or are doing in order to survive, lies dormant most of our values or deepest truths and therefore our potential to live our most fulfilling lives. To uncover and bring them into the conscious part of ourselves by first seeing them and then by honoring (or living them) in our everyday lives, we bring to light a deeper experience of satisfaction and unblock the pathway toward ultimate fulfillment.

Hearing our inner voice and being able to follow it tells us that we have reached a new level of connection within ourselves and to universal consciousness. In fostering this ability, we allow ourselves to plug into the divine within ourselves, creating a powerful link between the inner and outer worlds we inhabit.

Embracing your fear liberates you to live the life you have always wanted yet never dared to have.

Create a moment and communicate.

Sharing your true self will have an impact on those close to you, your community and the world.

If we are responsible to our true inner selves, we naturally become more involved with our families, communities and ultimately mother earth as a whole. We affect the greater consciousness of the world when we become conscious of our own personal actions by first taking responsibility for who we really are.

The deeper we can feel our sorrow the deeper our joy. Emotions define us in every way. Restraining ourselves from emotion is like cutting off a part of our being; we limit our experience of ourselves and, therefore, the life we live. Simply allowing ourselves to feel in the moment gives us the freedom to interact with all of life’s beauty.

Inspire others through your greatness by living your life to it’s fullest potential. If you want to live in a peaceful, beautiful world then be peaceful and beautiful in everything that you do. Make it a part of your personal practice every day to show others an example of the kind of world you want to live in.

Acknowledge ego. For what is anger but an expression of the need to be right, to defend your own ego or identity? What is there to defend if we are all one? Start to recognize the love around you. What small actions can you take to increase the love in your life? What actions can you take to give off your love, when you might take it away.  A heart that gives protects the soul as it allows the flow of life to be constant. When we stop this “life blood”, the flow of energy, the flow of love we keep ourselves from the much-needed nourishment that fills our souls and gives life to this planet.

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