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re-energizing your environment

Business is a matter of getting people, whether employees, clients or management, to give back to the company and the community. A corporate environment is tantamount to an entire society, with its own culture, values, stressors and ambitions. How to empower groups of all sizes is the essential question.

With over 40 years of experience, Gurutej is recognized worldwide as a master Kundalini yoga instructor. She is committed to community outreach and philanthropic causes, sponsoring various programs herself. She has released yoga DVDs, including Awakening the Intuition in Women and has a pending book entitled A Slice of the Beloved: A Guide of Conscious Relationships. She also has a line of yoga and health-related products.

The energizing techniques she teaches are tailored to and therefore particularly beneficial for business environments. “Businesses are the temples of the future!” she enthuses. “Change their consciousness, change the world!”

One way to do that is by empowering the individuals in those temples. “When people feel connected, that’s as effective as a using pay increase as an incentive.” This is because people do not want to give energy without getting something””something as simple as recognition, thanks or support. Workers would rather be given direction than criticized, appreciated than taken for granted, greened than asked to recycle.

Some things are as simple as aromatherapy””with homeopathic sprays like “Bright Brain” and “Radiation Cleanse” (from blessthebody.com) and revitalizing blends such as “Mood Rescue” and “Rebalance” (from essential3.com). Others, more esoteric, involve breathing exercises, mudras and mantras. In either case, generating, organizing and developing your yoga business is the only G.O.D. you’ll hear about. “Surrender to the thing you want to be, bow,” Gurutej assures, “you get you for doing so.”

Her consciousness-raising company, G4 Solutions, greens a business from its most important component””its people””creating consistent support, practical information and easy techniques aimed at immediately increasing energy, clarity and productivity. Gurutej is enthusiastic about the benefits: clearer thinking and increased awareness with exercises to consistently replicate this heightened state.

Gurutej is animated about the advantages. It allows you to handle challenges better. You can reduce stress and revitalize yourself in 60 to 90 seconds. You can have happy, healthy employees. Learn clearer, kinder communication skills. Drive up sales with better clients. Develop awareness of food and how it affects your business’s mental and physical well-being and productivity. The result is higher energy, greater endurance and better productivity.

The goal is making employees feel validated and supported. That’s accomplished by increased employee trust and efficiency. The gifts to employers include lower health-care costs and getting everyone on the same page quickly. “It can start with executives,” Gurutej explains. “Change your energy, change your business.” It may start at the top or move laterally within a team.

How this is accomplished is Gurutej’s specialty: energy-altering techniques, products and services to enhance the functioning of any workplace. Gurutej customizes her offerings for every organization. “This is not corporate yoga,” she insists. It’s full-service consulting because “businesses work better when people are healthier, more energetic and better communicators. G4 becomes your partner in helping employees become as productive as possible.” G4 Solutions encompasses seminars, workshops, on-site work and management retreats.

An easy way to see what’s available is a two-hour workshop with owners of various yoga businesses known as the “Mini G4 Experience.” Gurutej displays a suite of services and customizable offerings. The point is providing participants with a tangible experience. It’s about the experience. You will feel the change in you, be that change and realize its applicability to your yoga business.

G4 is not easy to define. Four-part breathing, one-part realization of our oneness (in business and in the world), grateful or just great”¦it admits of many definitions. However, what it provides are tangible yoga business solutions to ward off professional burnout to expand your success and keep you growing!

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