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January 8 Full Moon 2012 Astrology

Welcome to the Sea Mother’s MoonPotent Full Moon at 18° Cancer on January 8th (or 9th; exact date depends on geography).

Our meditation this Full Moon is FLOW

The potency of this Full Moon relates to many astrological details but, as you’ve noticed, Yogastrology tends not to over-do the astro-details””we get right to the point. How to best use celestial energies to improve health, enhance lives, increase well-being on our planet?


Cancer is the one and only zodiac sign that is ruled by the Moon. So we have the double wallop of Moon FLOWing in our veins this Full Moon. Amplified. F.U.L.L. and luminous… with one little warning:

“…the Sea Mother… must be placated by sailors lest she drown them in her storms… The Sea Mother””motherly one moment and deadly the next.”- Raven Kaldera

Cancer is one of the Water signs, an indicatator of heightened emotions. E-motion is in motion. FLOWing. Nurturing and tender. But, in the sign of Cancer, if we aren’t careful all this can seep into a clingy sort of insecurity. Like those crab claws that symbolize Cancer, grasping and smothering, rather than mothering. Drowning, rather than cleansing. Caught in the waves, carried out to sea. 

Emotional Overload Alert!!


Calling all men, women, and children to honor the amazing power of the Mother this Full Moon. Let’s create a ritual for ourselves. (My friend, K., shared how she and her daughter started a new ritual: they meditate together at the seashore.)

If you’re land-locked this Full Moon, try cranking up a tabletop water fountain at home or in your studio. In other words, anything connected with water will work.

And buy flowers. Light candles. Dress up, and dance. Swirl feather boas and get into the FLOW. Imagine a Moon goddess comes to your party; prepare something beautiful for her, and for you.

Feed one another (Cancer loves to cook and eat); warm nourishing comfort-food, yum. Be sure to add asana to the mix too. A few well-chosen poses open the heart.


Cancer rules the chest and breasts. Let’s focus our asana practice on the breast-and-chest area””and open our hearts to this Sea Mother’s Moon.


I love backbends! Backbends feel great, and they provide much-needed relief as they counter-balance forward-bends that riddle daily life as we drive, sit at desks, hunch over computers…

Heart-opener backbending poses can bring us into communion with heaven. Sky. God. Source. FLOW. Whatever one wishes to call that which inspires the Sun to shine, and the Moon to glow, let it lift our hearts. Bend back, and open.

Some favorites:

  1. Camel Pose. Perfect pose; brilliant backbend.
  2. Fish Pose. Nice for Water signs, especially this Full Moon in Cancer.
  3. Mountain Brook. This highly effective restorative pose requires a simple prop: rolled towel, blanket, or yoga mat. 

Feel yourself being coaxed into the FLOW of heart opening. Fabulous. (See asana for zodiac sign Cancer here).


The Sea Mother’s Moon invites us to open to life””all life””to acknowledge the perils, and we keep going and keep FLOWing anyway.

“All rivers go down to the ocean and drown…” – Simone Schwarz-Bart

Um, she meant merge, right? Keep FLOWing! Such is life. Wide and true.



Join Yogastrology LIVE, for 2012 Full Moon”” Yogastrology.com(For more on Cancer, Water signs and more, click here.) 

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