how yoga will help athletes perform better

5 reasons athletes gain from practicing yoga

While athletes generally train for hours each day to improve their strength and sport-specific techniques, many are unaware that developing a yoga practice can benefit their athletic skills.

Here are five quick reasons why yoga should be included in an athlete’s daily routine: 

1. Improvement in Strength: Regular practice of yoga can help regulate our body’s metabolism. This helps to offer better core stability and rejuvenate the regularly used muscles of our body. It, therefore, helps to create balanced and better functionality of the body thus giving athletes added strength to better perform.

2. Mental Toughness: Whether practicing a headstand for hours or meditating on a regular basis, yoga conditioning helps to improve focus thereby creating better coordination between the mind and body.

3. Recovery and Muscle Repair: After a tough routine workout, the muscles and fibers get torn and need time to recover. The combination of stretching and relaxing in yoga provides proper blood flow to the broken muscles and repairs them in less time.

4. Balance: One of the most important things for any athlete is balance. Yoga conditioning provides athletes with the perfect balance of the body with a rigorous practice of the various postures. Whether it is a wrestling match, swimming competition, or a simple golf swing, yoga provides the perfect body balance to every person taking part in an athletic event.

5. Flexibility: There is no doubt that practicing yoga helps to improve both muscle and joint flexibility. This, in turn, helps to provide a better range of motion to athletes during an athletic event. It also helps to avoid injuries that may occur with over-used muscle groups or joints.

Next time you’re at the gym or a sports practice of any sorts, save some time for a few yoga poses. Your body (and mind) definitely won’t regret it!

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