finding my life masters on the road

By: Giorgia Bruzzese del Pozzo
Giorgia comes from a background in arts and advertising where she worked with inspiring artists and professionals around the world. Checking in with the reality of the present moment, she blends in ...

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“So have you found your Master?” I was asked on the telephone from a 75 year-old friend and life student of a great Sufi Master. “Not really,” I replied. “Well, it’s not up to you; he’ll find you,” he added.

As I am travelling in Northen Thailand I bump into fellow travel companions on a practical and spiritual quest. They carry important messages and deliver me, a traveller amongst others, with life-changing truths or full reflections of myself. In a day out in Pai, in the hills 2.5 hours from Chiang Mai with lot of curves and heading towards the Golden Triangle, I met an oracle who humbly questioned my travel plans and dreams for the future; a beautiful world-citizen read my foot and gave me health recommendations; and just after the elephant camps outside Pai, a therapist and teacher offered a session of healing dance in the hotsprings. No payment requested, no promise of healing, no encouragement to study anything from anyone; just a certain way to be human and a call for trust in the flow of personal experience.

It is through these encounters that I experienced a deep sense of bliss and unity that awakened my dream of making the world a better place and to see more of the world. But I haven’t really searched or asked the universe for a teacher. I am walking with a sense of wonder with the idea that world travelers, friends, lovers, students and strangers are teachers even if they don’t travel as many kilometers or study in as many healing disciplines as we can name. While we experience our being, we often end up inspiring someone on our path. I do believe this can also happen in a less nomadic lifestyle, but if you have the urge to explore, see, know, meet, understand and share it is perhaps harder to settle where you were born.

One of my teachers in my journey is my friends 5 year-old daughter. My illuminated friends are willing to educate her and to continue educating themselves on the road for 3 months. While society and our educational system is not always ready for individuals who do not limit themselves with being and thinking differently, some already behave according to their higher values and create a shift. What I learned from my 5 year-old friend is to ask for what I want and to make sure things go as my heart truly wishes. That is a master work. When going with the flow, it’s important to keep ourselves close to our heart. Children do this so elegantly; they take care of their heart. Amidst the chaos of the world around them, children have direct access to the silence around the heart.

One of my teachers once said, “We are all children in an adult body in this journey of Life and Death. There’s nothing we really know so the best thing we can do is to hold hands.” On the same day I was asked if I found my Master, I found myself in the Flower Festival Market near Buak had Park buying a balm for muscular pain and receiving a free massage. The Thai lady owning the stand touched my shoulders and felt something was wrong with my heart. She knew what she was doing. After the massage she looks at me and says, “You come back to Thailand, I marry you.” Maybe a teacher finally found me?

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