6 ways to become your own yoga teacher

how to become my own yoga teacher

Before you start teaching yoga or sign up for a yoga teacher training program, it is always a good thing to become your own yoga teacher first. You should know that the most dominant supply of wisdom comes from within and you need to explore it, in order to be able to inspire others.Here are 6 ways that you can follow in order to find out your inner yoga guru:

1. De-stress

The first thing you need to do is to stop worrying because fear is derived from worrying too much. The verbal part of your brain is responsible for generating thoughts that make you over think about things that you cannot change. By getting rid of all the stress you accumulate on a daily basis, you will be able to cherish life and have a positive outlook.

2. Find peace

Finding peace by relishing wisdom and truth is one of the basic steps in being able to achieve a state where you can learn to inspire yourself as well as those around you. You do not only have to be in peace with the things that surround you but also yourself so that you can be in harmony with everything that affects your life.

3. Learn to trust yourself

Most people have a hard time when they are learning to trust themselves. This requires lots of practice. You can start with practicing it on least risky things because the consequences won’t affect your life if something goes wrong. Learn to take chances and try facing your fears until you become fearless.

4. Work on your instincts

There is a voice within you that talks to you when you are in need of a solution. Often times, people ignore this voice. Working on your instincts and listening to them will transform you into a person who is more aware.

5. Free your physical self

Our instincts are interesting and fun. Not only do they provide us with relevant information but they guide us as well. Something that matters a lot alongside our instincts is our sensations and feelings. These sensations are the language of our body and they constantly direct and guide us through wisdom. A guru needs to take these sensations and feelings into consideration through which his/her body is trying to communicate with his mind.

6. Find grace

Elegance and grace are the forte of a teacher and if you plan on being your own teacher first, you need to add some grace into your life.

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