how long should we practice yoga before teaching?

Some like to practice yoga at home, some take group classes, and some like to mix it up with their workout.It is wonderful to see people indulging in an incredible art form like yoga. However, practicing yoga is not enough to become a yoga teacher. You need a very firm base to start teaching, which is experience and purpose. How long to become yoga instructor online?

How long to become yoga instructor?

Things To Consider

Before you decide to take a step ahead to become a yoga teacher, ask yourself these questions:

• Do you want to do this, or is it just a craze that will fade away with time?

• Are you ready to dedicate your whole life to this art form?

• Are you ready to put all the hard work that goes into learning yoga and becoming a yoga teacher?

• Are you doing this for professional and financial ambitions, or are you passionate about yoga?

• Are you inclined towards a specific aspect of yoga-like Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, or Vinyasa yoga?

Answering these questions is very crucial to know whether you want to be a teacher or whether you need more time to consider your decision.

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Things to Learn

Some prerequisites should be accomplished before moving ahead in the direction of becoming a yoga teacher.

• Be regular, consistent, and devoted to your yoga practice. No one becomes a yoga teacher in one day.

• If you are a novice, start to practice yoga at home with the help of Youtube videos or DVDs.

• If you have access, join a studio or class or a group session where you can practice, learn, and hear about yoga.

• Attend seminars and workshops by various yogis and teachers to maximize your knowledge.

• Participate in yoga events in school or colleges and try to connect with more people who share the same passion for yoga as you do.

• Find out which type of yoga you like the most, whether it is Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, or Iyengar Yoga. The clarity will help you to pursue teacher training programs.

• Practice patience, dedication, and determination to improve and elevate your students

Remember that teaching yoga is about sharing and imparting knowledge.

Practice Required Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Performing and practicing yoga has no end. You have hardly ever heard any yogi say that he has completed his yoga practice. Yoga is a continuous journey; it never ends.

There will always be a path to pursue. Therefore, there is no fixed time to say that makes one capable of teaching yoga. However, regular practice with stern discipline helps you to improve and makes your present version better than your last one.

All the points in the prerequisite section are essential to give your yoga practice a strong base to proceed further. If you have always been involved in yoga and been a regular practitioner, then it will help you a lot.

You can take a Yoga Teacher Training course to become a certified yoga instructor. The courses vary from one month to three or five months. A 200 Hour Course takes a minimum of 28 days, and it is for the people without any prior yoga certification. A 300 Hour Course can take 28 days as well, but first, you need to complete a 200 Hour Course.

How long to become yoga instructor – In short

Becoming a yoga teacher is a beautiful way to deepen your yoga practice and share your newfound knowledge with others. 

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