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practice yoga at home? spruce up your space


practice yoga at home? spruce up your space

Practicing yoga at home can have a profound impact on your experience with yoga and on your relationship with yourself and others. Most yogis have a sequence, routine, and practice that they show up for over and over again.

In fact, consistency is one of my favorite tips for yogis looking to create and sustain a home practice, occasionally we all can benefit from spicing up our yoga practice. These tiny tweaks can have paramount impacts on our yoga practice. Consider some of the following if you are looking for deepening your at-home experience.

1. Concoct a spray • Mix your own yoga mat spray. Blend a combination of tea tree, lavender, and sweet orange essential oils for a calming yet cleansing spray.

2. Write it down • Grab a beautiful practice journal and keep in close to your space. Use it as an opportunity to reflect, write down your sequence, and remind yourself of your intentions and dedications.
3. Inspiration area • Create an inspiration area where you can arrange photos, quotes, and other objects that center your attention and intention.

4. Library love • Collect your favorite meditation and yoga books and keep a few near your practice area. On days where you are called to a more mental practice grab a book or let a passage inform your physical movements.

5. That’s scents-able • Evoke the power of aromatherapy and scent by bringing a lighted scented candle or a diffuser filled with essential oils into your practice space.

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Let this guide in hand be the confidence boost you need to stay invested in the power of your home yoga practice.

Share with us in the comment box below what is your favorite kick-it-up-a-notch tip for your at-home practice?

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