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nutrient rich delicious salad


nutrient rich delicious salad

It is easy to fall into a pattern of eating the same types of meals. Keep food exciting and adventurous by trying new taste combinations and sensations. 

Try the following recipe for a new delicious and satisfying plant-based lunch or dinner experience. Remember to select organic and local ingredients whenever possible!

Directions (per person):

”¢ Build a “green bed” of shredded butter lettuce on a plat

”¢ Layer on in-season greens, such as anti-oxidant rich parsley and Omega-3 loaded purslane.

”¢ Top with nutrient rich superfoods, such as horse chestnuts, dulse, edamame, and clover sprouts

”¢ Garnish with edible flowers, such as pansies and arugula blossoms 

”¢ Top with toasted sesame oil and/or nama shoyu

”¢ Season with Himalayan salt, pepper and complementary accents, such as dehydrated sweet onion rings

”¢ Edge with your favorite raw crackers

Serving suggestion: Create unique flavor sensations by topping your raw crackers with intentionally experimental combinations of the various foods on your plate. Let yourself play and see what you discover!

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Keep food colorful, tasty, and exciting, and your taste buds will sing!

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