all about frankinscense oil

Frankincense oil comes from the gum of trees of the genus Boswellia.


The earliest known use dates back over 5000 years when it was used as incense. The fragrance of frankincense is thought to ascend and perfume the heavens. The frankincense burned as church incense today is the same as that used by ancient people who inhabited the Middle East and North Africa.

Charred and powdered, frankincense was the major ingredient in the traditional black kohl that Egyptian women still wear as eyeliner. It was believed to help women see a more spiritual aspect of the world, to avoid ill-fate, and to prevent eye infection. Of course, it has been, and still is, used in expensive perfume.


• Cuts ties to the past that are blocking personal growth. Stills the mind.

• Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, astringent, sedative; clears lung congestion, decreases gas and indigestion, brings on menstruation.

• Burned, frankincense reportedly releases a psychoactive substance that expands consciousness. Soothing, elevating, protective and restorative, its beautiful fragrance helps calm down body, mind and spirit to create a perfect ambiance for meditation, ritual, yoga or prayer.


• Valued for its tonic effect on the nervous system, frankincense is used to counter depression and aid memory. Users report that as it brings clarity to the mind, the breath deepens, the body relaxes and the spirit soars.

• Historically, it has been used for treating syphilis, infections, and all kinds of skin disorders. Ayurvedic medicine from India has long suggested its use on inflamed skin conditions. Its antiseptic and skin-healing properties fight bacterial and fungal skin infections and boils.

• This oil is usually kept for the most difficult cases, such as unsightly scars from an infection that has healed, and hard-to-heal wounds.

• For problem skin, use a couple of drops in an equal amount of vegetable oil. Frankincense is excellent on mature skin and acne. It is especially good for middle-aged women who experience those conditions and also want to prevent wrinkles.

• Make a compress or massage oil with frankincense for breast cysts or for infection of the lungs, reproductive organs, or urinary tract. It also increases menstrual flow.

• Use in the bath for anxiety and depression.

• Use in a vaporiser for meditation, yoga or prayer.

• Use in massage blend with orange and neroli for deep relaxation.

• Add to potpourris for its rich, long-lasting scent.

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