finding your financial drishti

Finding your Financial Drishti

The term ‘drishti’ refers to the yoga practice of finding a point of focus where your gaze rests while you assume a certain posture accompanied by meditation. Drishti helps to develop concentration and focus. In a world where there are so many distractions, this technique is useful for quieting the mind in order to focus on one specific thing.

Coming to a point in life where you are satisfied with your financial situation often calls for honest reflection and evaluation of where you are financially. But with so many distractions and marketers vying to get you to spend your money on their offerings, it may be difficult to find your financial drishti. Your financial drishti is the point of financial focus that you take in your endeavour to bring your finances to a place of order. It is those moments of reflection where you take a mental stock of your financial situation or in which you concentrate on where you would like to end up financially. If for example, your aim is to save enough money so that you can have a comfortable retirement, your financial drishti may involve you meditating on and concentrating on the picture of yourself as a retired person living the way you have always dreamed of living during retirement.

Just as the drishti technique involves the practice of gazing at 9 specific points of focus, so too financial drishti can also focus on 9 different aspects of your finances in order to achieve change. Each different type of drishti in yoga may correlate to different financial concerns. For example, the Nasagrai drishti in which you concentrate on the tip of the nose may be akin to the financial drishti of focusing on your short term financial goals. These are things that you would like to achieve within the next 12 months. Similarly, the Urdhva drishti or gazing up into infinity may be likened to the financial drishti of looking into your long term financial future such as towards retirement.

Practicing financial drishti techniques can help us to tap into our inner selves to find answers and solutions to our financial problems or concerns. It is only by focusing and keeping out the distractions that we can make rational and well-thought out financial decisions. Practicing yoga will help to build our ability to concentrate and is very useful in helping us to find solutions to problems or answers to questions that would normally elude us. 

If you are looking to improve your financial life and your financial situation, consider practicing financial drishti techniques. If you practice yoga, then doing this will be easier for you. However, anyone can learn how to find their financial drishti and in the process find solutions to their financial challenges by achieving balance, stability and flow.


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