my soul’s original purpose

Once upon a time I was born with an original purpose. A unique destiny designed just for me. My soul was made to flourish, perfectly equipped with natural abilities and talents connecting me to success and happiness driven by spirit, instinct and creative natural unlimited power.

Slowly and surely, as I grew up in to the chaos of parenting, family and schooling my naturally-inclined destiny became challenged disconnecting me from my true source to a source guided by protocol shaping the masses. I, as well as most people, began to “survive” life versus “thrive,” developing a set of coping techniques and emotional patterns to aid in this process. The world I was now being forced to follow held the belief of a more ”˜functional‘ system at large versus true individuality.

Too young to understand the system, I had no choice but to conform to the rules set out to govern me. I proceeded in a life where an expected standard was in place for when to eat, sleep, study, play, cry and laugh. Little by little my soul’s unique purpose and individual instinctual natural timing became obscured as teachers recited orders with each bell’s ring, and parents enforced rules that most families followed in the neighborhood. Since everyone was doing it, it seemed like the right thing.

In school the teacher dictated when to pee, when to stand, when to recess, when to exercise, when to read, when to be silent, when to eat and when to talk, disregarding an individual’s unique timing to perform such tasks. Little by little my soul’s individual purpose began losing strength in its immense wide original vision for one that was strongly controlled.

By the age of 20, 30 and 40, my soul and its’ weakened yet determined remnant left of power, struggled to find me by sending signals of pain or discomfort. It felt it belonged to a different life; a greater and more creative life. I sensed it, but since awareness in to true personal insight was hard to understand, I did not know what to do with these pangs calling out for attention. Do I act out in behavior disguised as confusion? Do I continue to live in the wrong job, relationship and social life? Do I continue the path of society seemingly rewarding the herd-like road to success driven by obedience and discipline? A value system where title acquisition, materialism and family just like the one I came from ruled?

Living with a half-asleep soul became the norm. I held on for those moments of truth that snuck in during a dream, a moment of silence, or serendipitous event.  I felt internal messages trying to connect me to a vision of a magical and authentic destined life. One that was free, happy and in alignment with those natural abilities I was born with, capable of manifesting its own success.

Imagine how sad it is to know we were built to be thin, yet live in obesity? That we live opposite from our natural state where our soul was perhaps born to be a painter, but we work in administration? Or that we were born for success near the ocean, yet live far up in the mountain? Imagine that our true color is blue, but we’ve been wearing red.

This is the reality we end up in when we remain victim to an internal tug of war, surviving life by our un-natural coping mechanisms we learned to survive in early on. Repeating patterns and staying stuck.

Today we are bombarded by a culture of greater awareness, self-help, healing and medication. We are all in “repair” mode recovering from a life that pushed us away from our soul’s original purpose and natural experience of ”˜flourishment’ for one of survival. The story of who we are today and what we learned to be may be completely opposite to our original truth. It’s who we became in order to survive the injustices of an unhealthy emotional human value system.

The path of change is courageous and arduous. The intention behind wanting to live a life of truth is immense and beautiful. I wish it were easier. Glimpses in to victory and success sneak in between mostly challenging days.

The human spirit in search of its truth amidst the unknown is one of the hardest life journeys known. It requires solid and steadfast faith and trust. It requires true belief in a universal power guiding us. The signs are small yet miraculous when we are open to see them.

Mostly I’m learning that it is the journey itself driving the reality of a shift in expectation that takes us away from tangible result and into the joy of the journey. I’m hoping to get there together with my soul’s original purpose. I’ve been swimming across an ocean for a long time. I’ve gone too far to turn backwards, but I can’t quite see land yet. I must keep swimming. If you relate to this life experience, then reading this article will help you stay true.


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