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February 7 2012 Full Moon | Astrology Full 02-07-2012

Welcome to the Full Moon, on February 7th, at 1:54 PM Pacific Time. At 19° Leo, this is the Queen’s Moon.

Your mantra this Full Moon is __________ . (Stop right here, and pick a mantra. Choose anything from a purring-cat Leo theme, to a classical Sanskrit mantra such as OM, or Mani Padme Om. Maybe peace is your mantra these days. Whatever you want, just pick one. Got it? Okay, let’s go.)


Yogastrology, as you may know, uses ancient, elegant body zodiac correlations, and in researching the correlations for Leo, the spine appeared again and again. Occasionally, there is a correlation between Leo and the heart: The spine is the “heart” of yoga

At the base of the spine, the serpent goddess kundalini Shakti resides. Upon her awakening, Shakti winds her way up (the spine) until she reaches the Sahasra, the thousand-petaled lotus at the crown chakra, where all dissolves into bliss. Sounds good, eh?


  • The spine is at the center ”” of hatha yoga practice
  • Leo’s body zodiac correlation (spine) is at the center ”” of the body.
  • Leo’s ruler, the Sun, is at ”” the center of the solar system. 
  • Synchronicity and centering, love it.


Just as the Moon reaches full illumination on February 7th, Saturn goes retrograde. Ugh. Serious, authoritarian Saturn.

This may feel somewhat frustrating. But what we need to remember is how Saturn is helping us create the life we truly want. Durable. Practical. Realistic. Saturn is our ally in all this. 

Align with the energy (February 7th to June 24th, Saturn’s retrograde in Libra, the sign of relationships). Take seriously-good care of your lower back (Libra = lower back). And devote some energy to reassessing relationships, especially your relationship to authority.


Notice how authority has the word “author” in it? The energy of Leo enhances our capacity for self expression. Authoritative self expression. Full self expression. This Full Moon in Leo is just what we need to “author” our own story. 

Step One ”” already done. You created your own mantra (above).

Step Two ”” I once attended a celebration of life where this man’s friends stood up, one by one, and spoke of the celebrate-ee’s habit of getting out of bed every morning and wiping the slate clean. It struck me how this fellow had been the ultimate authority in his own life. Every day, he acted upon what worked for him. It stuck with me. 

The lovely Leo Full Moon ”” Aquarius Sun provides an incentive to be our own authority.


Simhasana lion pose is excellent for the Leo Full Moon. Do it with an emphasis on enlivening the spine: Great guidance for Simhasana and more on Leo Yogastrology, click hereWhat other poses can we do? Well, I assure you, you cannot screw up. Simply focus on the spine ”” and that goes for moving into a pose, and coming out of the pose too.


Five ways to move the spine. Move each way, every day, and we’re good to go.

  1. Forward bend.
  2. Back bend.
  3. Twist.
  4. Inversion.
  5. Side stretch.


    Oh yes Venus. Can’t forget the goddess of love, moving through a very potent Aries Point (first point in the entire zodiac) on February 8th, the day after the Full Moon. 

Goddess of love, and a Queen’s Moon ”” it’s time to let yourself shine! Happy Full Moon.


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