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Full Moon February 21st 2012 | Full Moon 21 02 2012 Astrology

The New Moon on February 21st at 3° Pisces, at 2:35 pm PST and 5:35 pm EST. Time for London/GMT is 10:35 pm, and Sydney/Melbourne on Wednesday, February 22nd at 9:35 am. 

On the night before (as well as the day of) this Pisces New Moon, we have a most auspicious celebration: Mahashivaratri.


Tradition notes Mahashivaratri (literally, “the night of Shiva”) as the time when each repetition of the sacred mantra, Om Namah Shivaya””very simply, “I honor Shiva within me”””multiplies one-thousand times. 

Just be careful what you want, because you may get it now. As mentioned above, Mahashivaratri is a most auspicious, annual occasion. And this year, Saturn (longevity) and Jupiter (wealth and wisdom) are part of the mix too, adding even more blessings. All good.

Women, take note. Mahashivaratri is the time to pray for the well being of men and boys, sons, and husbands. If you’ve found the right guy, this is your year: Women traditionally propose to men on Leap Year. And this New Moon in Pisces ties together with Neptune, the king of romantic interludes.


The effects of Pisces‘ ruling planet, Neptune, are intensified now. This is due to Neptune’s return to its home sign, Pisces (February 2012 through 2025).

What should we watch out for? Well, Neptune rules romance, and regrets. Dreams, and drama. Spirits, and soul work. Mystics, and music. Neptune, The Muse, is utterly inspiring, for sure””and we need this inspiration…. but beware. These are deep waters. 

The shady side of Neptune is illusion. Like the lover who vanishes suddenly, swallowed up by the mist, leaving you heart-broken and bewildered, Neptune often equates with painful disillusionment. If you want to tap the incredible gifts of Shri Neptune, you’ve got to stay very grounded.


For the New Moon (in Pisces = feet), grab a journal and pen. Let’s start with this contemplation from the book,Yogastrology: Yoga Meets Astrology Pisces, Chapter 12:

“Talk about being swept off your feet! And then, getting back on your feet. Such juicy imagery of the body. Body imagery really works to make a point… 

Note what it means to you, when you hear each of these phrases:   

””Stand on your own two feet.

””Be swept off your feet.

””Get back on your feet.”


This New Moon is in Pisces = feet; and the Sanskrit term “pada” means feet. We hear this term a lot in hatha yoga””Eka Pada (one-footed) Raja Kapotasana, for instance. 

Around the time of this New Moon, emphasize the feet and toes in every pose:

Ӣ Lift toes; loop fingers around big toes in Padangusthasana; standing big toe pose

Ӣ Raise heels; stretch soles of the feet in bent-knee version of Adho Mukha Svanasana; downward dog.

”¢ Reach back; grasp the foot in Natarajasana; lord of the dance pose (an especially sweet pose now, as the “lord” here is none other than Shiva)

And my personal favorite: Tadasana mountain pose. I love this pose. It goes to work for us every time we stand up. Tadasana grounds our bodies, from the crown of the head, through the tips of the toes. Explore this fun variation: Tadasana à la seashore. Click Pisces here.


One more excerpt from the book, Yogastrology: It’s “curious how often spirituality is associated with feet. Ancient yogic teachings claim that feet are an especially potent spiritual center in the body.” 

Pisces New Moon is your opportunity to get grounded through both feet. That way, you’ll be ready when those majestic waves of Neptune””divine inspiration, vast creativity, and supreme love””come rolling your way.

Shubh (“auspicious”) Mahashivaratri. Namasté.


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