the essence of forgiveness

To feel the love for yourself

In this video, Matt Khan guides us to best understand why traditional forgiveness is not providing the results we hope for and what to do to attain more radical forgiveness that leaves us feeling peaceful.

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In this video, Matt Khan discusses forgiveness and offers a powerful prayer.

He explains to always remember, that even if you cannot change the situations you have gone through, you can always change how you respond from the inside out.

He encourages us to practice Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian ritual prayer for healing, the ancient practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. 

The Ho’oponopono Prayer works because as Matt Kahn says in the video below, “we are all energetically connected.”

Healing comes by forgiving yourself (in order to clean and clear cellular debris and all (subconscious) imprints for yourself, your family, their lineage, and for the world. 

This is not about forgiving another person and being OK with what happened. This is about being the love for yourself that can’t be forced from others. 

Enjoy adding the Ho’oponopono prayer to your daily routine, and start to experience the effects it has on your perception of what is.

The Ho’oponopono Prayer.

1. “I love you”. 

2. “I’m sorry”   

3. “Please forgive me” 

4. “Thank you!”

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