eight yoga postures to boost your height


and stretch your spine

Yoga, an ancient spiritual, mental and physical practice, can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s a mixture of different postures, called asanas, that improve proper functioning of the body. And there are several forms of yoga that can even in increase height. The development of the human body is a complex process affected by various genetic, biological and environmental factors. This is also true of our height, as it also depends on the same factors.

Why sweat in the gym or take height increasing supplements, when yoga is considered one of the best solutions to increase height?

Our spinal cord is a very flexible organ. If we follow incorrect posture, it can disrupt the entire structure of the body. But when the spinal cord is properly aligned, it decompresses, making you look taller. Yoga also helps in strengthening the spinal discs so that they don’t bend as you grow old.

Here are some yoga poses to help tone the muscles, and stretch them to make you feel both taller and stronger:

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

This sequence of poses has been practiced since ancient times. Surya Namaskar involves 12 different asanas that must be done in a chronological pattern. Practicing Surya Namaskar at sunrise or sunset is also beneficial for the digestive system.

Talasana or Mountain Pose

It is one of the easiest yoga postures to follow and has been practiced for ages. Research proves that this posture makes the arms, legs and spinal cord stronger by stretching and loosening them. In Talasana, you need to keep your body straight and look up at the sky.

Easy Chair and Poz

This is considered a beginner’s pose, and helps in controlling your breathing capabilities. It also tones the hip and lower back region by decompressing the cartilage in them.

Trikonasana or Triangle Pose

As the name suggests, this pose twists our body into a triangular form. It enhances the flexibility of the spine, and stretches and expands the muscles. It also improves posture, increases balance, and reduces stress, and continual practice of this posture can increase height at a very fast rate.

Parivrtta Trikonasana or Revolved Triangle Pose

This pose is the reverse of the Trikosanasana, in which the body takes the shape of an inverted triangle. The posture is known to strengthen the back and lower back portion of the body, and improve balance.

Vriksasana or Tree Pose

Tree pose is among the top yoga poses when it comes to increasing height. It focuses on strengthening the calf and leg muscles, and, like Parivrtta Trikonasana, can improve balance.

Chakrasana or Wheel Pose

The posture involves bending the whole body either forward or backward, which enhances the elasticity of the spinal cord and overall flexibility.

Bidalasana or Cat Pose

This pose stretches the spinal cord both forward and backward, and stimulates the expansion of the cartilage discs in the spine.

Although we can’t change our genetics, practicing these yoga poses can strengthen the spine and prevent it from compressing and making us shorter. Zero in on poses designed to stretch and lengthen your spinal cord, and enjoy the benefits of a tall and healthy spine!