some light on bach flower remedies

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Dr. Edward Bach was a Harley Street doctor in England in the 1930’s. Giving up conventional medicine to pursue his passion, he discovered a natural, totally non-toxic system of healing medicine using the essences of flowers/trees and rock water. Dr. Bach found that patterns started to emerge, observing his patients, where the physical signs of many diseases manifested from their emotional imbalances. Bach discovered people who generally felt great distress and emotional discomfort were far more likely to succumb to disease.

Dr Bach spent 6 years researching the local flora nearby his house in Oxfordshire. An accomplished herbalist and follower of divine energy, he realized one day after sipping a droplet of rainwater from a flower, the vibration of the flower was super-powerful. The simplicity of this secret was what led him to discover the 38 remedies.

Today there are many Bach Flower Practitioners world-wide. Bach flower healing therapy is now over 80 years old. Pregnant mothers, babies, children, men and women of all ages have enjoyed success from this non-invasive, gentle and powerful way of healing. By taking the remedies one’s state of mind can shift back into balance, so that the natural equilibrium of each unique being can be celebrated for who they are.

There is a flower / tree to heal and bring the positivity back from many, moods, emotions, and emergency situations that can bring us out of sync. Long term or short term, it doesn’t matter. There is a remedy within the 38 that can heal common flaws of human nature. Fear (known or unknown), confidence issues, setbacks, lack of energy, hate, jealousy, control, cleansing,addictions, patience, living in the past, bitching, indecisions, protection, feeling inexplicably blue, ‘can’t say no’, anxiousness, et cetera, are a small sample of the many discomforts the flowers/trees can heal. When we use Bach remedies, we are able to manage our emotions and fulfill our own soul’s calling. We are able to align ourselves emotionally, bringing out positivity and joy.

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