eco fashion | organics

4 great looks for work, play and everything in between.

Wear your concern for the environment on your sleeve with these pieces, made from all organic and sustainable materials. You’ll be making more than just a fashion statement.

Look 1: 100% wood pulp viscose Athena Wrap by Jak Designs $250 Organic Cotton Tigris Jean by Oqoqo $195

Look 2: The Caliope Dress in Sorceress Stone Blue by Edun $325
Hemp Fireball Fedora by Livity Outernational $32 

Look 3: Organic Cotton Chakra Tank $38, Organic Cotton Knickers $70, Organic Cotton Unity Hoodie $80 all by Under the Canopy  

Look 4: Organic Cotton Tigris Jean by Oqoqo $195
Alison Armor Tank by Edun $130

Photographer: Jasper Johal –;
Make-up/Hair: Fucsia Diaz; Model: Annah Mason;
Stylist/Producer: Molly Roemer 

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