the reward of traveling

Clarifying the things we value is one of the exercises that I have found most helpful in igniting a new level of financial wealth. For most of us, time for travel and relaxation are a part of this “values list.” All too often, if we are even able to take time off, it is only for two weeks a year, which is barely enough time to unplug, unwind and begin to open our perception in ways that will truly enrich our understanding of the world, other people and cultures. The mere act of putting travel time into a list of things we value places travel in a realm of importance and helps us strive towards obtaining it. For this month’s travel edition, I have prepared three easy and practical steps that will help you consciously create more time and money for travel to exist in your life.

1. Create a monthly travel budget. Even if you start with fifty dollars a month, you will offer yourself the opportunity to connect with an energy around the possibilities of planning your next trip. Budgeting will begin to entice you into a lifestyle filled with more space, time, relaxation and, in fact, travel.

2. Consciously create a visualization of what your next ideal trip looks like in your mind’s eye. Is there a beach? Is there snow? Are there woods? Who is there? What are you doing on this trip? Perhaps there is an opportunity to revisit a place you once held dear to celebrate the progress of your evolution. Or perhaps there is a new magical place you would like to visit to affirm who you are evolving into. By taking constant action, tracking and celebrating the progress in all areas of your life, you will be enticed to continue stepping out of your comfort zone and continue to evolve and grow your relationship with money.

3. Sign up for discount travel promotions that may help further your travel plans such as websites, credit card promotions, magazines, etc. With a little persistence and creativity, you can turn visualizations of fantastic luxury travel into a reality. With this comes an immediate appearance of budget savvy opportunities that can stretch the reality further.

I always say the universe is dying to give you your heart’s desire, but what are you doing to clarify what that is? And how are you preparing yourself to graciously receive it? Prioritizing travel and relaxation time will help you not only prepare to receive, but will also allow the universe to work overtime on your behalf.

Following these three tips can have a dramatic impact on how you feel about your life and, ultimately, the elements that you are incorporating into your overall financial picture. The reward of traveling brings us a whole different type of investment; it is an investment through which we can evolve spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and even evolve our relationship with money.

Vanessa Summers teaches a holistic approach to money in her Wealth & Success Workshop Intensives. She is a Registered Investment Advisor and author of “Get in the Game: The Girl’s  Guide to Money & Investing,” and “Buying Solo: The Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a Home.” Vanessa has recently developed the ProsperityNOW CNBC refers to her as the “Financial Guru.”

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