everything happens with a purpose 
from the center

Gandi once said, “You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.” Imagine manifesting the life you want rather than adapting to what life throws at you.

True and lasting contentment occurs by choosing how we want to live rather than frantically reacting to life’s many ups and downs.

When operating from a place of serenity, rather than from a state of chaos, we can rightfully realign ourselves with what we envision to be our “true essence.” But this takes time, and taking time for ourselves is often the one area where we all fall short!

When we operate from a plane of constant reaction, we are acting in opposition to our true nature. We all have obligations, deadlines and societal and financial pressures to deal with.

Combine all this with a lack of vision or personal direction and life can become dull and dangerously unfulfilling. Taking care of yourself and following through with the thoughts that are manifested from your dreams and desires will help energize, inspire and move you. 

Whatever you focus on in life grows, so give your choice process, due process! Make time for yourself; time that you need in order to take responsibility for everything going on in your life.

Create a space where you will not be disturbed and remember the natural order of creation involves being, thinking, feeling and doing.

Begin your time by centering yourself with meditation or yoga for about thirty minutes.

Once you’ve reached a state of calmness or “being-ness,” let that energy flow. When you are operating from a serene and centered place, try and become conscious of the thoughts you are thinking.

t is your responsibility to actually “choose” them, focus on them and visualize what it is you wish to be visible in your life.Envision what you wish to see.

Feel what it would be like to actually have what it is that you want, then invite that feeling to move throughout your whole body and think of ways to hold on to it. That feeling, when you know it and embody it, will drive you to take action on your thoughts and desires in life. 

Focusing the mind allows us to become better aware of the thoughts we are thinking.

Once we’ve got a handle on what it is that we are thinking about, we can begin to operate from a place of purposeful action.

The time we invest in ourselves at this early stage is akin to preparing the earth and sowing the seeds of a garden, allowing them to beautifully blossom and grow.

Life is full of surprises, and getting stuck in reaction mode will have you constantly chasing your tail.

There will always be another fire to put out or someone else to answer to. You might even find yourself generating excuses that defend this reactionary way of being. But these excuses will only continue to collide with the more natural, valiant side of yourself, which is one that is tied to nature.

And like nature, everything happens with a purpose.

The outcome may not be for us to know, but the being, thinking, feeling and doing is all within our grasp.

Taking the time to create serenity for yourself and to find your center will allow you to manifest your dreams and desires, ultimately threading your life to moments of joy, harmony and inner peace.

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