ready to detox – 10 tips to get you started

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Prepare yourself mentally by setting up a detoxing frame of mind. What does this mean? It means getting set up logistically, so you know what to do, getting what you’ll need in place, so you’re prepared and have a strong determination.

1. Set your mind for it.

This will require some forethought. Here are some questions to ask yourself, and make preparations for:

1. What protocol (instructions) am I following? Get prepared on paper so you know what to do. Decide how much time you have and what length you can commit to and set your mind for this – without wavering. Plan your dates carefully so it’s doable for you and there aren’t conflicts that will distract you… set aside time to devote to your cleanse.

2. Where and how will I do this? Get your kitchen set up to prepare your food, be sure you have a juicer and/or blender.

3. Do I feel good in my space? Be sure your space is comfortable and conducive to cleanse. It’s a great idea to clean your place first, yet don’t let it stop you – most important is getting started how you can.

2. Get your supplies set.

What will you need? Make a list: groceries and/or supplements, how much, and where to buy it (i.e. for juicing, making blends, salads, blood cleaner, laxative, etc). Get set up – with your date in mind and your mindset – now go for it.

3. Plan your circulation practices.

Plan when (and where) you’ll do practices that increase blood flow – and therefore oxygen – throughout your body (this helps evacuate toxins). Remember, these practices are crucial since we need toxins to stir up, move (circulate), and exit so they don’t reabsorb into the bloodstream and defeat all your hard work. Create a daily schedule for your practices. Read the article – the 10 do’s and don’ts of detox – (see number 4) for detailed circulation practices. REMEMBER: THIS IS CRUCIAL AND NOT TO BE SKIPPED! DO THE BEST YOU CAN.

4. Commit to your process and follow through – face resistance and distractions.

We can all come up with many reasons why it’s not a good time to cleanse. Weeding through genuine reasons why it may not be the best time to cleanse, and facing resistance and distractions, is to get determined and proactive – and most importantly, improve your health and well-being. Kind of like a child that doesn’t want to brush their teeth, it may be necessary to address this part of ourselves and determine if we’re simply holding ourselves back with excuses and delays to what we really want, or if we really need to wait (that’s ok, just schedule it then – plan it).

Determine the right time, stick with it as number 1 priority by taking care of other commitments, then set your mind to it, dedicated to these days, and LET NOTHING STAND IN YOUR WAY. It’s not always easy to put our own needs first, yet by doing so, we know we’ll be of the most benefit to others. Commit and follow through. Do this with detox, and you can probably do it with anything that’s meaningful to you, yet you may have resistance around.

5. Take space and time.

During detox (and real life in general), most all of us need space and time to sort out our own inner workings, feelings, and process. This requires undisturbed time that’s just for you – to feel, listen, and be attentive to – You. It also requires space where you feel safe, and “it’s ok for me to be doing this right now – I don’t have to take care of someone or something else.” Set space and time up for yourself so you can allow yourself to truly let go – this is where cleansing and healing can take place.

6. Ask for support.

Do you feel supported in your life? It’s said that people experience 80% higher success rate with any endeavor they feel supported in. Cleansing is the same. Seek support by first asking your friends, family, and co-workers for what you need (what do you need?). Talking with your loved ones, your circulation practices and visits for massage, healing sessions, therapy, etc., give you the opportunity to feel held and understood as you explore your body and mind. Get help and support to ease where you may otherwise feel stumped, or simply may not know how to delve into.

7. Avoid media.

Though quite valuable for its resources in certain areas, as you probably have experienced, media can also distort our perception of the world, humanity, and our self-image. In this time of cleansing, it’s suggested to also fast from external input, turn off the barrage of information that many base an aspect of their reality upon, get quiet, and listen to a different source of information that can only be heard when we’re not inundated by sources that may have agendas. Let go externally to find another source of wisdom and strength inside yourself.

8. Protect your solo time.

Though many of us love sharing time with others, giving, and being productive, cleansing is a time to find out what’s happening within you, and in your body. To get a clear read on your life, what’s happening within you, and to listen to your body, and truly rest, protect your solo time by letting others know what you need, and reminding them when you may feel distracted. Ascertain your needs so you can ask for them, non-violently.

9. Make conscious choices.

While cleansing – and in general – how are you spending your time so that your choices support your needs? When you receive an invitation, check in and ask if it really honors what you need at the moment – make conscious choices of how you spend your time, money, and energy – and what you choose to consume not only with food – yet also with thought and input. This may help you to get clear within yourself of your own needs, and how to best honor them. Surround yourself with beauty – and the direction that meets your needs – by making conscious choices.

10. Positive talk – comes from aware thoughts.

Be aware of how you’re speaking. Do you hear yourself repeating old stories that no longer serve you – or are outdated in how you wish to be perceived? Commit to speaking positively by being aware of your thoughts. How we speak is how we think. Use your meditation to create self-awareness in your thinking, and therefore in how you express yourself. To change your self-image, and how your present yourself in the world, and how others view you look into your belief systems, challenge them by asking if they are true and updated to who you are now.

Keep in mind you have the power to change your experiences in life, by changing how you think… This, in turn, will be uplifting and supportive in how you speak with others. Improving your communication skills is a life journey, here is an interview with Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication technics.  

Enjoy your new you! 


Need help starting your detox? See and follow the protocol on page 79.