defining your needs – part 2

becoming an expert at knowing and expressing your needs

Regardless of where you are at in your life, re-setting your mood daily is an essential part of your personal development.

In another article, I shared with you a short exercise around better defining your needs so you could feel more powerful and in control of your life.

Did you see it?

If you haven’t, take a look >> here << and do this exercise now. It’s a quick one that will immediately help you define your 5 main needs that are unmet.

By understanding which of your needs are not being met, you’re able to take better control of your mood. You’ll also identify why some emotions continue to surface.

If you did the exercise already, and now have more clarity on your main unmet needs, here is your next step: How to get these needs met?

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Ask yourself these simple questions:

1. Is this specific need of mine helping me to have a fulfilling relationship with this particular person? (e.g. need for romance with a person not necessarily that romantic).

2. Is this need of mine essential or can I let go of it?
Who could I be if I did not have such a need for__________?

3. Is there another person I could reach out to fulfill that particular need? (e.g. need for support found in someone else rather than your family or partner).

4. Where can I find more resources to provide to my need so I take full control of my life? (e.g. need for rest, then take nap, book a weekend away or take a walk into nature etc.)

Realizing that our needs belong to us and us only means we can take charge in finding a way to fulfill those needs, rather than expecting our entourage to “have” to provide our needs. This is a first major step in a mature and grounded life.

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