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5 ways to keep your goals throughout the year

Here we are, already into the New Year and chances are, you are at the edge – ready to press forward with your healthy living goals or ready to drop them and turn around running. You set some pretty high goals, tried your best, and haven’t seen much change yet. But you can still reach your healthy goals and recharge your resolutions with 5 easy steps. 

To keep you moving forward with your goals and your life all year long, give these 5 steps a try:

1.Believe in it

In order to keep moving forward with your goal, set it on something you really believe in. Drop the generic “Lose 5 pounds by February” or “50 pounds by next year” if that’s not something you believe you should be doing. Look at what you really wish to accomplish, want you really believe in doing, and set your goals there. 

2.Intend it

Drop the resolutions to change and deprive yourself and set an intention to bring more into your life. When we set resolutions, we are resolving to do away with the bad pars of ourselves, and when we fail at our resolutions, we see ourselves as bad, negative, and unworthy. Forget about the resolutions and make an intention to start adding more things your love about your life in. Find healthy foods you love, movements that inspire you, and passions that ignite you. Intend to bring in more of those and what your intentions flourish all year. 

3.Feel it

Instead of setting a concrete goal, set an intention to feel a specific way. Intend to feel healthy this year, rather than lose a set amount of weight. Set an intention to feel energized, rather than to exercise 60 minutes 5 times a week. Find how you wish to feel and do anything that truly brings you that feeling. 

4.Want it

Set your goals for you, not for what you think you should set it for. In order to keep moving and growing with your goals, you have to really want it. Maybe you feel you “should” eat healthier, but if you don’t actually want to do it, you won’t stick with it. Find the goals that inspire you to keep growing, but are changes that you really want to make.

5.Let it go

Stay relaxed with your goals. You may meet them, you may not. You may surpass them beyond your wildest dreams. You may change your mind mid-course and discover the universe has something completely different in ind for you. Let go of the tight grip on your goal and you just might find the stars.

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