mastering the mind

controlled mind, peaceful health

Everything might seem like chaos
All happening at once,
Moving too fast and
Sounding too loud.

At times, we may not be able to simply escape this physical realm.
It is at which times and even all times, the best thing to do is not to run away, but run in,
Inside of yourself.

When you can’t pull yourself together and keep your feet on the ground:

Let go.

With all your might let go, and fall into yourself.
Stop trying to hold onto the world around you –
It will never rest.

And while there will be people fighting for peace, despite how ironic that sounds, it’s because they don’t have it themselves.
We should be trying to teach peace, not control other’s decisions. And to get it out there, the only way to have world peace is to have it in ourselves; Inner peace.

That brings me to my point.

As carried away, we can be with our lives, keep in mind your mind, because it says a lot about you. Everything, in fact. Everything you do, everything you are, your past, and your future.

If you have control in your mind, you have control in your life.

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