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Dear Yoga Yenta...(4)

Dear Yoga Yenta...(4)

by Doris Schwartz doris schwartz
Be Spiritual | Philosophy - Wisdom

Yoga Yenta
Dear Yoga Yenta,

I’m having a problem finding cool, comfortable yoga clothes for guys. I like the style of Asana pants (I think that’s what they’re called), free falling, wide bottom pants, but never see any for men. Does everyone think that we can just wear sweats? And Capris make men look like they’re trying to be a kung-fu movie stereotype, or gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Please help.


Yogi Fashion Clueless

Dear Clueless,

Dressing for comfort in yoga is key and options are limitless for wardrobe choices based on your personal style and what feels right for you. I find surf shorts super sexy for guys, but tight cycling pants and cut-off jean shorts – not so much. A bunch of brands make groovy pants specifically for yogi boys (Prana, Natural High, Lululemon) but your basic gym pants, scrubs, sweatpants, or pajama bottoms would work great too. Just be sure everything is tucked in – although lots of us yenta girls want to check you out in class, we could do without knowing whether or not you’ve been circumcised (for now at least…)

Om Shanti & Infinite gratitude,

Yoga Yenta



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