delete your clutter and unleash your potential

So you’ve set your intention for success in your life; now what? Many of us who have decided to change the patterns that hamper our achievement of prosperity find frustration when progress toward success is slower than we would like it to be. There is a simple four-step process that, when applied consistently and consciously to our lives, can jumpstart our progress toward achieving goals. Clean, Clear, Complete and Delete is a simple exercise we can practice that can help us work smarter, rather than harder. One of the single fastest ways we can catapult ourselves to the next level of achieving our fullest potential is to let go of the things that are holding us back. Everything is energy. When we let go of the old baggage we are carrying around, we release our energy so it can be applied in a constructive way to build a consciousness of success from within.

By far, the biggest energy drain for most of us is the clutter and incomplete tasks that surround us. These incompletions take up physical and emotional space; they limit our capacity to get things done and hinder our ability to attract the things we want. Even when we are not thinking about them, these unfinished items drain our energy. A way to visualize this is to imagine yourself as an electrical outlet and each incomplete task or area of disorder has an electrical cord that is plugged into your body. We all know the danger of plugging too many cords into one outlet: burnout. If we want to reach our fullest potential, we must eliminate these energy drains. Changing old habits and patterns requires us to identify and concentrate on the priorities we have set for the future. We can’t do this when our focus is continually drawn to unfinished business from the past. 

Most people operate from a perspective where they ask, What can I get? However, many of the high-peak performers in our society train themselves to operate from a perspective where they ask, What can I let go of? These highly successful individuals understand that by creating space, they can magnetize themselves, attracting their heart’s desires and creating space in their lives for the things they truly value.

There are several symptoms that usually accompany a mentality of scarcity and lack, which often goes hand in hand with excessive clutter and incompletion. They include feelings of stress and overwhelm, tiredness, low energy, confusion, lack of focus, negativity, hopelessness, frustration, feeling stuck, lack of momentum and loss of confidence. However, when you let things go and complete tasks, the benefits include increased vitality and energy, focus, confidence and optimism. Completing tasks helps you attract the things we want. With clutter, there is no space for our intentions and goals to manifest themselves. Nature abhors a vacuum and when we clear something that is not serving us with the intention of improving our lives, we create a magnetic attraction that brings our goals to life.

Practical things that we can consider when addressing specific completions include four key areas: clean-ups and clear-ups, completions of unfinished projects, incomplete communications and deletions.  

1. Clean-ups and clear-ups involve tidying up home, work and your overall environment. Are there areas today that drain your energy? For example:  A car that needs vacuuming?  Overflowing bookcase?  Cracked tiles in bathroom or leaky faucet?

2Completions are unfinished projects—things you want or need to do, or perhaps projects you started or you haven’t begun them at all. For example Deadlines that passed—overdue tax returns, belated gifts or cards.  Goal setting and intentions that you did not meet, and criticize yourself for now.  Day-to-day tasks and responsibilities—sending invoices, listening to audiotapes and reading magazines and correspondence such as thank you notes.

3. Incomplete communications deserve the most special attention as they tie up the most energy. For example:  E-mails and phone calls to return?  People you have been meaning to see or contact?

4. Deletions—they may include: Possessions that you do not need, use or love?  Activities and events that do not serve you?  People who do not nurture or please you?  Commitments that you do not enjoy?  Situations where you feel disempowered or a sense of obligation?  Old resentments and grudges you have been carrying, including things people did to you?  Attachment to possessions or money you have lent that will likely never be returned?

It can be beneficial to reserve a certain amount of time, perhaps 15 minutes each day, to work with this list. Working with these specific completions listed above can add energy, clarity and momentum to our lives and help improve our financial results immediately. Successful people are organized people who are continually cleaning, clearing, completing and deleting to create space for the new results they seek to step into each day on their way toward their ideal financial future and the lifestyle they desire!