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chocolate bonbons

chocolate bonbons

Published: 15-06-2012 - Last Edited: 10-11-2022

chocolate bonbons

dark and raw decadence

Delicious and nutritious; theses little chocolate bonbons are perfect served with a chai tea or organic coffee and friends.

Place the cocoa butter in a bowl and melt over boiling water, “Bain Marie” style. Pour and mix all other ingredients into a mixing bowl and add quickly the melted cocoa butter. Mix vigorously and rapidly so the cocoao butter does not harden.

Pour the scrumptious sauce into a small PVC mold perfect for biscuits, or into individual cupcake paper holders and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Extract the bonbons from the mold and keep in a glass container in the freezer.

Defrost the bonbons for 1-2 minutes before serving to your lovely friends. Enjoy!

* This very same recipe can be used to make chocolate sauce to dip fruits, cookies, or popsicles.

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